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In Memory of Jazzy

On October 28, 2011 we said Good Bye to our sweet sweet Jazzy. This picture was taken just a month before. It shows her goofy little smile and quirky little personality.

Jazzy was surrendered to FBRN in early 2009. She made three stops before finding her way to me in April 2009. She was a joyful little foster girl, but due to personal circumstances she soon made a transition to MN in November 2009. However, Jazzy had different plans. She tried very hard not to fit in with her foster family and found her way back to me in December of 2009. Just in time for Christmas.

It seems that out of her 5 foster homes, this is where she wanted to be.

Jazzy continued to struggle with her allergies, but was beautiful to us and was definitely part of the pack! She needed go nowhere else. In December 2010 I found myself in a bidding war over a puppy stocking so that Jazzy could match the rest of the four legged kids in the house. We realized then that this little girl needed to stay. We started making arrangements and planning how to make her official. She officially became part of the family in February 2011. We welcomed her with open arms and couldn't be more pleased with out little treasure. We were one big happy family.

She left us much too soon today as Jason and I held her and told her just how much we loved her. Her body and spirit are whole and we will one day she our precious little angle again!

We can not express the sadness and hole she has left in our hearts....