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In Memory of Lucy Patoosie Lopes

Lucy Patoosie LopesMommy and Daddy use lots of words big and small everyday; none of them could possibly describe the joy and love we felt while you were with us and certainly none of them could come close to describing the pain we feel now that you’re gone. You were our angel, our baby, our life for 5 wonderful, but way too short years. We’ll never forget those road trips to Florida or to Maine. How many little dogs can say they’ve done their business from Ft. Myers to Newport, Maine? You could, and you deserved every mile! We’ll never forget snuggling in bed all night during thunderstorms, sitting on Mommy’s lap while your little sister pushed at you from inside Mommy’s belly, or you taking a nap in the afternoon with Daddy after an early morning work start. 
While its true, you bit every dog you ever met, from Uncle John’s Great Dane Scooby, to Jacob’s pitbull Bubba, to VoVoo’s American Bulldog Daisy and Nana’s Westie Seamus; plus every other creature that had the nerve to move in your presence, vacuum included, you knew no fear and your heart was as big as a freight train. No one who met you could resist your charm. You touched so many people in your short time with us; it’s just not fair that 5 years was all we got. All cried at your passing, even the sky that night. And rightly so, you ruled all before you while you were here and tribute needed to be paid one last time. We all knew you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Lucy Patoosie LopesYou got one week with your new sister, Eva before you left. I guess you taught us every lesson you were sent to teach us. We would have liked you to teach your little sister a few more, but we all know how you are about sharing. The only answer we can come up with is that God sent you here for us and us alone. We’ll carry on and teach Eva what you taught us, but it’s just not the same. Never will be. 
It’s been a long time since you were able to chase that big beach ball and roll yourself over the top of it like you used to. We know that’s what you’re up to now. Keep it inflated till Mommy and Daddy get there so we can all have a turn, just like we know heaven will be. Life here will never be the same without you. We love you with everything we are, just as you did with us. That’s always been the bond between Man and Dog and we feel privileged to have shared that with you. 

Rest in peace sweet angel.