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In Memory of Nohe'o


fbrnNohe'o (in Hawaiian means Mischievous, Rascal, pronounced no-hay-oh) crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. It was so unexpected. The night before Nohe'o seemed fine and himself, but at the same time tried to warn us that he was not feeling well. With no sign of injury or anything was wrong, the next morning he did his normal routine with just minutes away of having our household goods delivered to our new home with his bed on its way. Nohe'o was put into his crate so he would not be in the way of the movers. After receiving and unpacking and ready to come out from his crate Nohe'o wasn't able to stand and lost his mobility. We took him to the Vet and they weren't able to give him steroids because he had an enlarged heart that appeared on his x-rays and this we did not know of we were aware of that he was born with a cruciate spine but not of the enlarged heart. With days that passed Nohe'o did show signs of some improvement but then it took a downturn. Nohe'o was a sweet, lovable and loyal Frenchie 'til the end. We had him at 3 months old, he was my companion along with his sister the cat throughout numerous deployments his Daddy had who just recently retired from the Army. They kept me busy, especially Nohe'o kept me busy a lot for he would harass his sister. I would like to thank the Foster Parent Team Jackie Rabang & Shannon for their fast response for helping us to make it possible to have Nohe'o cross over The Rainbow Bridge, without their help I would not have known what else to do. Jackie has been very helpful through this difficult time and I really appreciate all that she has done for us, that words aren't simply enough to express how grateful we are. I am glad that there is such a wonderful organization that you have and to the Volunteers that go out of there way to help. Thank you. Mommy Love & Miss You Sooooo MUCH Nohe'o until we meet again. R.I.P. Nohe'o 06/01/2003-02/03/2011 Love, Kawai, Lou, Mason & Grandpa (Papa)