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In Memory of Sammi

fbrnToday a beautiful cream colored Frenchie trotted across the bridge. His back and legs were perfectly formed; his coat glowing with good health. He yodeled happily when he saw my boy Juice, who said goodbye to this earth last October. Leaving behind his sad, crooked body, the new arrival will never feel illness or pain again.

My heart is broken; this was my Sammi whom I set free this morning. He had been struggling since December, when various tests revealed nothing definitive, possibly stomach cancer. He had good days and bad days until recently when the bad days became unrelenting.

fbrnUntil his last moment, he was the kindest, most gracious little boy and I will never forget him. My thanks to the Board who allowed him to remain in my care as a hospice foster. Thanks also to the wonderful volunteers who helped make his last year happy, sending him gifts and well wishes.

My vet had given Sammi a March 1st "birthday" based on his old vet records. Yesterday, he was eleven years old and suffering. Today, he is forever young.

In lieu of messages, if you would like to remember Sammi, please PayPal $5.00 to FBRN today. If a lot of folks do it, another little hospice dog can live out his time surrounded by love.