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In Memory of Tallulah Louise (Loolie)


Louise left us today after a valiant battle with lymphoma. She was diagnosed in early June and by God, the old girl barreled along far longer than anyone expected. Loolie was born in a puppy mill in the Ukraine, shipped as a tiny puppy to the U.S. and was passed around for 6 years before being surrendered to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. We are forever grateful to FBRN for taking her in and especially to Kate Ghiselin for fostering her and choosing us to be her family. She and Carol Fertig were Loolie's champions.
Louise was a scrappy little thing, skinny and lithe and a little bit ferocious. She never did catch that squirrel. We will miss watching her chase her ball on the beach and the feel of her round little skull under our palms. She loved us like crazy and we felt so honored. Before she went to sleep this afternoon she enjoyed 2 hamburgers and a graham cracker. Her beautiful coat was soft and warm under our hands. She was content.
Thank you to Dr. Kristin Sulis and the staff at Mt. Tabor Veterinary for their kindness, help, and understanding throughout Loolie's illness. To Dr. Jordan Nuccio, who cared expertly for Loolie (and for us) from the day Loolie arrived until the day she died, we extend our endless gratitude and love. 
oh, these rotten dogs will be the end of us, will they not?

Charlotte & Kevin