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In Memory of Tiny Tim

timTiny Tim’s foster dad had a terrible surprise when he awoke. Tim just didn’t seem himself and was panting and drooling uncontrollably. Thinking quickly, foster dad rushed him into the vet ASAP, where Tim was immediately put on oxygen and given a sedative to try and calm him. Despite the oxygen, subsequent intubation, and other life-saving attempts, Tim’s condition deteriorated rapidly. It was agreed by all that he would never survive the transfer to an ICU facility. Tiny Tim’s foster dad chose to do the only right thing by his sweet, gentle boy and allowed him to go peacefully to the Bridge.

Here are a few poignant words from Tim’s foster dad: “My Tiny Tim has had problems with his anxieties and controlling himself. When he first came here he trembled and panted for 4 days as we tried everything to calm this little man. Whenever he got a little stressed he would pant uncontrollably and I would have to take Tim off by ourselves and get him calmed down.

tim"My wife and I are just devastated over this! We had planned to apply for him ourselves if the perfect home didn’t come along during his first month on the available page. He had turned into such a happy, happy boy here and looked forward to each and every day and every new adventure.

"I still can’t believe my boy is gone! Run free my special man, and always be the happy dog you had become! We ALL miss you terribly!”

It’s never easy when one of our fosters passes away. But when it’s sudden it is so much more painful. Our condolences go out to Tim’s foster family. And our thanks go out to Tim’s sponsors and our loyal FBRN supporters. Thank you for allowing us to always get these frogs the treatments they deserve.