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In Memory of Wilbur

fbrnWith sad hearts we must report that Wilbur was put to sleep at the end of March. He had a tumor on his aorta and there was nothing that could be done to save him. Even though we only had Wilbur for 9 months, we both developed very close bonds with him. He was the sweetest, classiest mammal we ever knew. Personally, I was with him practically 24/7 and took him most everywhere with me because the one thing he could not take was being alone. Although we had Wilbur for only a short time he enjoyed going on 3 trips; including driving with me down to New Orleans. I am a musician and he got to lie at my feet while I played several performances. He naturally stole the show without even having to open his eyes. While Wilbur loved me, he was clearly a ladies man. When Hafsa was home he would spend every moment with her. While I have no idea how anyone could have given Wilbur up after living with him for 10+ years, we are thankful that they did. As a friend of mine told me "Wilbur softened your heart". Everyone who ever met Wilbur loved him and he loved them. We knew what we were getting into by adopting a 10 year old dog but we did not expect him to go so soon or so suddenly. It is hard to go about the day without him. Perfect in every way, Wilbur was truly a classic!

-Rob Wagner for Rob, and Hafsa Ibrahim- adopted human