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In Memory of Oscar

For those of you that aren't familiar with Oscars story, I will explain it as best I know. Oscar first came into FBRN as a puppy. Initially, he was very ill and had some nasty intestinal parasites and a few other medical issues. FBRN was able to get all of his issues cleared up and he was adopted as a puppy to a loving family who kept him and loved him for three years. When the family divorced, they decided it was in Oscar's best interest to return Oscar to FBRN to try to find him another home, as they would not be able to keep him. Oscar was then adopted in 2007. Oscar's new Dad's name was John. Oscar was it for John and John was it for Oscar. Oscar went EVERYWHERE with John. Oscar got to go to work with his dad almost every day. Oscar's favorite thing to do was go for car rides! He looked forward to them every day and looked forward to getting to go to work with his Dad! He had many joyful adventures in life and got the best thing any FBRN Grad could get, someone who loved him unconditionally from the moment they met. They were truly best friends. They spent the next few years together in complete bliss. :)

On Jan 26th, 2012 we helped Oscar pass onto the Rainbow Bridge after a long battle with Lymphoma. He was surrounded by those who loved him most and passed away in the arms of his Dad, John and John's daughter Sarah. 

Even though Oscar was only with me for a short while, I feel so blessed that I was able to meet Oscar and help him in a time of need.