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In Memory of Delton

Delton was saved by the angels of FBRN in November of 2010 along with the other 3 of the famous “WI 4.” His health was in tough shape, but his soul shined thru. He was a fighter and never gave up on living his life. Over the next months he was nursed back to health, gained some weight, and underwent his much needed dental.

He was loving life…he never had a bad day. Despite his “issues” such as wobbly back legs, dribbling urine and some bowel issues, he woke up each morning and rambled his little body outside just like the others.

He learned quickly what life was all about…He got to play basket ball in the yard, played in his pool every moment he was allowed, chewed on bones and watched movies on the couch while we shared popcorn. Oh and pancakes…Can’t forget them, that was his FAVORITE treat, pancakes and baked potatoes.

He was an independent little man. He would only accept help going up and down the stairs if HE wanted it. Otherwise he would do for himself. He kept the puppy in the house in her place and out of HIS bowl. 

Delton touched many lives over the past 16 months and our family grew very close. He was MY little man, and he always got a little extra care that he needed and appreciated every moment.

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, that I as his foster mom share the very sad news…Delton crossed the rainbow bridge and joined the angel in heaven on the afternoon of February 24th. I held him in my arms and close to my heart as his little body slowed down. He can be whole now, and run fast without stumbling and be fat like a frenchie should. Rest in peace little man! You will always be missed, but never be forgotten.

Thank you to all that supported the WI4, specifically Delton along his journey of a great life. If it wasn’t for FBRN, Delton would have never known what love and life was all about. Rescue is amazing and gave Delton the best 16 months he could ask for! THANK YOU!!

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