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In Memory of Goldie

Goldie...came into FBRN after her loving owner had passed. She was obiously well cared for by her previous family.

Not a better word to explain Goldie other than PERFECT. 

She was adopted at age 13 by us after we decided that she didn't belong any where else, but in OUR bed next to her napping partner Reba.

Goldie enjoyed napping in bed, napping in bed and more napping :-) She would get out of bed to eat, and to ramble around her yard, but other than that she spent her days resting :-)

She was everything you could ask for in a frenchie...She was healthy & happy!

She was diagnosed with a tumor of the stomach during the late summer of 2010. And I only hoped that she would make it to the rescue parade at the french bulldog nationals in the fall of 2010. And she did, she made her victory lap around the ring in my arms! It was a couple more months later that she crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Every day until the day she passed was a great day for Goldie. She never lost her appetite, she enjoyed chewing on her bones, going for rides and sleeping in bed. She passed peacefully in my arms 8 months after we adopted her. It was well worth every moment we spent together. She was special, and will forever be missed by our whole family. Rest in peace little golden girl! And in memory of Goldie we have named our newest addition after her...our frenchie girl's name is "My Golden Grace" ! 

Thank you FBRN for allowing us to cherish this girl for the rest of her life!