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In Memory of Miss Tator

Back in October 2011 when I adopted Miss Tator I would never have guessed how deeply this little girl would steal my heart. Miss Tator was the perfect frenchie companion, who snored by my side on the couch and beside me in bed. Tator made coming home an absolute pleasure. I so looked forward to her exuberant greeting when I walked in the door. Be it five hours or just five minutes to her it was always exciting. One of her cutest attributes was her tongue, it was her tired meter! The more tired she got the further it stuck out – you always knew when she needed a nap. Saturday September 29th started like any other…Tator was with me the whole day. In the morning we watched my nephew's football game and in the afternoon we watched a friend ride her horse. She was her usual playful happy go lucky self until later afternoon when she became sick very suddenly - by midnight at the veterinary emergency clinic she died in my arms. The Veterinarian could give me no answers to her death. I am forever grateful to Sanci (Tator's foster mom) and The French Bulldog Rescue Network for giving such a great little frenchie a life outside of the puppy mill. Stacy S