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In Memory of Oatmeal

Oatmeal Talley
"Big Beige Wifepig"
10/31/2001 – 5/29/2012

Oatmeal was born in 2001 on Halloween. Although I wasn't there I happen to remember the day and always will. Her original name was "Séance" but I thought "Oatmeal" was more appropriate. I picked her up the end of April 2004 at the breeders house. She was in the front yard in a pen playing with a toy. She ran up and jumped on me and I thought surely there was something wrong her. She had a tongue like a giraffe. The breeder assured me that she was normal and told me to bring her back if we didn't get along. On the way home I stopped for gas. Unbeknownst to me as I pumped the gas Oatey was standing with her front paws on the window, smiling with her tongue hanging out relieving herself on my car seat and cell phone. When we got home Oatey settled in quickly. The breeder contacted me a few times to make sure I was happy with my $350 purchase. Within about one day I realized that we were going to be best friends. Oatmeal loved everyone she met, people, dogs, cats, everyone. She loved to ride in the car, go for walks, ride in the shopping cart at Petsmart (she was the driver), snuggling, and she loved her tire. She even loved going to the vet. Everyone loved Oatmeal, her big tongue, and her tire. Oatmeal had two pigs who lived with her. Raisin was her ½ sister and Cookie was her niece. Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie all loved each other. Raisin died 6 Feb 11 of brain cancer. Not long after Cookie and Oatmeal both developed Mast Cell Cancer between their toes. Fortunately, with surgery for both all seemed to be OK. On April 17, 2012 Oatmeal refused to eat her breakfast. I knew something was wrong because she usually finished every meal within seconds. After a trip to the Dr. we were told that she had liver enzyme readings which could be indicative of cancer. After an appointment with a specialist we were told that indeed Oatey did have lymphoma. Her prognosis was 9-12 months. She would have to have 5 months of chemo and then treatments every month thereafter. She began treatment immediately and did very well for a few weeks. After her first treatment with Vincristine, a strong cancer drug, she had problems eating. With each subsequent treatment Oatey seemed to feel worse and began to lose a significant amount of weight. Her last vet appointment was 28 May. She was very weak but she still entertained everyone with her tire. Everyone at the vets office called Thursday, "Oatmeal Day." She was given medicine to increase her WBC and a strong anti-biotic. The next morning Oatey was so weak she couldn't stand. She hadn't eaten in more than a week so we knew it was time. We took Oatey to the ER and she died at 4:30 AM in my arms. I have had dogs all my life but none will compare to the best friend I have ever had, Oatey.