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In Memory of Wendy

Unfortunately our Wendy passed away on Friday March 9. We can’t stop crying thinking about her. She was a very sweet, kind and beautiful girl. Despite her spinal cord problem Wendy was so active and liked to walk a lot wearing her boots on her back legs. When she became tired we carried her and she liked to observe everything from above. Wendy was always excited to meet us. She was always making us smile and laugh. We always took Wendy for car rides to keep us company even on a short distance, she would get very excited to see her safety belt. Wendy was always with me when I cooked dinner; she knew she got her veggie salad or fruits. We noted bad breath (Wendy liked to kiss) and our vet found a mass on her gum and 2 dead teeth with inflammation. We did dental surgery and the mass was benign. We were happy and hoped Wendy would live with us for many years on her regular medication. We loved her so much and she was happy with us her last 3.5 months. Sadly, early morning on Monday, Wendy began to have seizures. We gave her Valium, but it didn’t stop. We brought her to our clinic, she was put on Propofol, but as soon as the neurologist tried to decrease the dose, her seizures started again. She was in ICU for 4 days. After she awoke and became free of seizures, we took her home. Her spinal cord issue became worse; she couldn’t use her lower legs and she became incontinent . On Friday afternoon Wendy started to have a pre-seizure, we gave her Valium and brought her to the clinic again. After an assessment our neurologist told us that Wendy probably needed surgery for her legs, a catheter for her descended bladder and most importantly her seizures were not under control even with being on the highest dose of anti-seizure medication possible for her size. The doctor told us it was better to let Wendy be put her to sleep where she will be forever free from her seizures. With sad hearts we let her go. We held her on our laps and kissed her for her last minute. We couldn’t break away from her soft coat and sweet face.

We were lucky to have Wendy in our lives for almost 4 months although it is so little. We will miss her funny face, barking, passing gasses, and settling on our legs in a bed.