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In Memory of Zion

Thanks to a conservation agent who persuaded Zion's owner to give Zion to rescue, Zion was humanely euthanized after two weeks of excruciating pain due to a shattered pelvis suffered when he was hit by a car. Claiming he had no money to treat his dog, the owner tried at least twice to shoot Zion, days apart, unsuccessfully both times, and Zion was left with buckshot pellets as well as his terrible injuries to contend with. 
Zion was a very good boy during the long drive from his owner's home to the vet's office where his injuries were deemed too severe to treat. Our volunteer held him in her arms while he crossed the Bridge. 
We didn't know Zion long, but it is clear he was a good boy who got a very bad deal in his life. Hold your dogs tight tonight, and think of all the Zions out there suffering at the hands of ignorant or cruel owners. Please consider donating to your local shelter or low-cost veterinary clinic, or to FBRN in Zion's memory.