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In Memory of Bridget


 Rest in Peace my sweet Bridget!!! Many of you may remember that this is my little girl who ruptured a disc 2 1/2 years ago and was completely paralyzed in her hind end! The Vet recommended that we put her to sleep then, but she was determined to rehab, and THAT she did in 6 months time she was walking, running, playing, hiking and cuddling again. There's a reason why we called her "The Tank". She was famous for her tenacity and bravery and showed it many times throughout her life....highlighted by the time she literally saved her little sis, "Brio" from the jaws of a Coyote!!! I've never seen a Coyote take off so fast with my brave girl growling and barking, trying to finish it off, single pawed!!! We will miss her "high 5's", her snorts, her unconditional love, Frenchie bark's, trying to bite sunbeams out of the air, and her joyful attitude about everything in life! Everyone that met her, immediately fell in love with her. My heart aches, but I am happy that her poor little body is finally at peace and pain free. PJ Ketcham-Robinson