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In Memory of Buddy


 Buddy aka, "Mickey" came to us from FBRN with the love of his life Rosie aka "Mia." Buddy suffered from seizures but thanks to the dedication of FBRN, they were under control when we adopted him. Buddy was such a sweet boy who loved his Rosie and Mommy. He followed me around everywhere and would seek me out when he felt a seizure coming on.  On Christmas Eve we took him to the vet due to rapid breathing. They thought it was a respiratory infection. He wasn't getting better so the day after Christmas, We took him to the ER vet. Unfortunately, his heart was enlarged and he had a mass on his spleen. We couldn't let him suffer anymore. We brought his human sisters and soulmate for him to see and he quietly passed. We miss you so much Bud Bud! Xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo, Jackie