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In Memory of Cozy 



Cozy (FBRN Grad Abuelita) had a hard early life, and came to FBRN with a mouthful of rotten teeth, a bad back, and a belly tattooed with C-section scars.  She was a tiny broken bundle and was, even by FBRN standards, “a tough placement”.  Her adoptive parents Carrie and Matt McGraw took her in, took her on, and little by little a small miracle occurred.  She turned back into a dog.  THEIR dog. She was no spring chicken when she arrived and faced significant health challenges over the next four years, but she did so with aplomb, and she barreled along far longer than anyone thought possible. Through it all her mama insisted that Cozy was “a low maintenance dog” (that’s when you know you found a perfect fit).

We miss her tiny bluster, her bursts of speed, her sidecracker chew, her love of sunshine and her no bullsh*t policy.  She was an inspiration and a delight.  As her foster mom I want to thank her parents for giving her unconditional love and more than a thousand happy days.  Cozy forever. - Charlotte Cooney