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In Memory of Greer (Maggie)



Greer (Maggie) was absolutely the most loving little baby we have ever met.  I can’t explain it completely because she was so amazing and unique, it defies words and normal ways of thinking.  Have you ever felt a connection to a certain person, thing, memory, or situation?  The connection we felt and still feel with our girl was one of a kind and flat out extraordinary.  My wife picked her up from her previous foster late on a weeknight.  She brought her home to us and we all immediately fell in love.  Imagine the most curious imagination, innocent lovingness, and wanting for affection that is possible.  She embodied all of those things and much more.  She required a lot of attention.  She was special needs.  She couldn’t control her potty and had to wear diapers.  I would change her diaper 1000 times a day to have her back.  She was that SPECIAL.

She had spina bifida and couldn’t walk.  She would scoot around on her butt using her front legs to propel her across the floor.  She was quite good at getting wherever it was she wanted to go.  We had her evaluated and she had great potential to learn to walk by reflex.  We were going to teach her and I had dreams of her walking.   She would scoot over to us and would just roll onto her back to accept a belly rub….so loving.  She would gnaw on our hands so playfully….did I mention she was just plain amazing? 

 From the moment we met her, we felt she was meant to be with us.  The instant connection we felt was unexplainable.  She was destined to be with us.  We just didn’t know that her stay would be so short.  She was with us for a little over 3 weeks.  We spent so much time with her it felt as if she was with us for months, possibly years.  We spent our time with her kissing her, hugging her, and making her feel extremely loved.  

I came home one day and realized she was not feeling well.  Her last day was spent being closely cuddled and loved by us.  She was always so grateful and appreciative of our love.  I wrote this for everyone to let you know how special our little girl was.  I wish everyone could have known her, she was truly amazing in every way.  We will remember her always and we hope she found her forever home with us….love you Maggs.  Josh Powell