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In Memory of Miss Millie



Our little Miss Millie passed away on December 31st, 2014, leaving us with sad but grateful hearts for all the love and joy she brought to us and everyone she met. An indelible part of our lives, Miss Millie accompanied us on road trips and moved with us abroad, provoking smiles everywhere she went...  
The first time we saw your smiling face on the Available page, our hearts melted. After much anticipation, we finally met and fell immediately in love with every little bit of you. You had the most wonderful foster mama who told us about your "alien noises" whenever you'd see another four-legged and all about how much you liked to be serenaded. We drove away with you smiling and us beaming with joy to be your forever family. We wouldn't have believed it possible, but everyday over the next few years our hearts grew even bigger because of you. Miss Millie, the love of our lives, stalwart companion, best friend forever, and simply more than we could ever have imagined. Those big knowing brown eyes, sweet licks, clicking down the halls, snorts and snuggles. Walks on the beach, playing in the snow, little drumstick legs, how you chased the water hose, fell asleep sitting up, your beaming smile. You are truly missed and we are eternally grateful to have been your forever mamas.  Little Miss Doodledoo, we will always love you.  
Karen & Elizabeth