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Location: Central Oklahoma
Age: 4 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 32 lbs.
Kids: Older, dog savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Not required
Adoption Fee: $400
"Yana came from Russia and is a wonderful girl. She has fit well into our family. She does have a champion pedigree and has had several litters of puppies."

Yana has flown onto the available page! This girl has come all the way from Russia and is quite the lovely lady. Yana was surrendered to FBRN when her previous owners were misled about her health. Don't let that stop you from scooping her up and into your home.

The vet says that Yana's ears are medically ok and she has regained some of her hearing. She’s not 100% in the hearing department and will often rely on the people in her pack to let her know what is going on. Since Yana has recurring ear infections, she will always need to be monitored for recurrence and have her ears cleaned about every three days. Yana has allergies and should avoid any of the foods that she is allergic to. It's best to keep the pesky itchies away!

Yana is a girl that doesn't have favorite toys, and prefers to be outside in nature. She's happy to sit in the yard smelling, watching, and hearing some of the sights and smells of everyday life. Yana doesn't mind interacting vocally with some of the dogs that might be speaking around her neighborhood! In typical Frenchie fashion, Yana can have short bursts of energy where she might zip around the yard once or twice.

Yana gets along great with the pack of dogs at her foster home. She will partly rely on the pack for instruction based on her hearing issues. She will typically go with the flow, but sometimes can be needy if others are getting all the attention. This girl is an alpha female, but she can still be timid at times. Yana may need to be corrected once in a while to “tone it down”. Foster mom says this is usually when others are getting the attention and Yana wants to be included. She's a little overweight and could use some exercise, but she does not like to go for walks!

When Yana first came to her foster home she showed signs of food aggression, but this hasn't happened again. She minds very well and would love someone that could work with her and teach her hand signals. Yana is crate trained and house broken. She has been left to roam the home and didn't get herself into any trouble. While in foster care, she had only one accident, but this thoughtful and considerate girl utilized the shower to have that accident!

We think Yana would do well in just about any home where she’s getting lots of attention! She loves the outdoors. And while she doesn’t need a person who is home with her all the time, she would benefit from someone who has lots of time to give. Yana is pretty low key and would adjust well to going to the office with her person.

Yana's foster mom had this to say about her: "Yana came from Russia and is a wonderful girl. She has fit well into our family. She does have a champion pedigree and has had several litters of puppies."

If you want to practice some secret hand signals with a new BFF and have attention to give, then consider Yana. All you need to do is click on the link to fill out an application for her. After that, just be ready to whisk her away to her new forever home if you are selected as her new owner! FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

About Yana:

Yana has impaired hearing and must be leashed or supervised outside and must not be around small children.

Yana has a history of ear infections that must be monitored for recurrence. Her ears require regular cleaning.

Yana has several food allergies and must avoid positive foods on her allergy report.



Yana, we hope this will get you some special toys! Love Kandice and Charlie