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Date posted: 3/23/21
Location: California

Just like a late-night bodega, this lil’ dude has everything you need. At 20 pounds and at an estimated 6 months old, Bodega was surrendered to FBRN after he began experiencing tummy issues and his former owner could not afford his care.

Bodega is just as sweet as pudding pie with the coloring to show for it: butterscotch, chocolate and caramel. So far we know he does well with small and medium-sized female pups and dog-savvy kids. And while there may be an IG page dedicated to bodega cats, none for this Bodega please.

In between his vet visits and neuter, Bodega will be working on his potty training skills as he arrived with no previous lessons; however, he has been sleeping in a crate at night without any accidents. Good job buddy!

In pure puppy fashion, Bodega is stealing hearts and taking names. If you’d like to add your name to his list and donate to his care, click on his link above. How can you resist those gorgeous puppy-dog eyes? Bodega thanks you with a wink and a smile.



Bodega, you're a handsome fella and we hope you find your forever home soon. (Given in memory of our FBRN rescue Gertie. ) Susan B. Clark

Sugardaddy's Boutique

Welcome lil Bodega! Here's a few bones for a snack pack. But get the good ones that wont upset your tummy! Keiku Kuku

Laurie Henigan