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Date posted: 3/23/21
Location: Missouri

Mi querido! Please give a warm FBRN welcome to Gomez, who is stealing hearts left and right around these parts.

Gomez was surrendered in the hopes that we could get to the bottom of his mystery back pain. As it turns out, he has degenerative disc disease and weak shoulders, both of which are causing our poor boy quite a bit of discomfort. For the next few months he’ll be sporting a support harness, with the goal of strengthening his tendons and getting him off pain medication. Of course, Gomez is so drop-dead handsome that he makes even his support harness look like the height of canine fashion. (“Turn to the left,” says Gomez.)

At just one year old, Gomez is all puppy, all the time! He has boundless energy and would play from sunup till sundown if given the chance. He quickly became BFFs with his foster fur-sister and is delighting everyone who crosses his path (especially the nice lady at the bank who has a special stash of biscuits just for him). Just about the only thing Gomez doesn’t love is the cold (we feel you there) so he is looking forward to some spring sunshine and lots of adventures outdoors!

Gomez will be making a lot of trips to the vet over the next few months, and any contribution toward his medical bills would be much appreciated! Just click the “Sponsor Me” link and tell us it’s for Gomez. He might be too busy tearing around the house to properly express his thanks, but know that he (and we!) are very grateful for your support.



R Tesoriero Montoya