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Date posted: 6/6/21
Location: TX

Please welcome Greta to the FBRN family! Sweet Greta was surrendered to FBRN due to family issues that didn’t allow time to meet her needs.

Greta is almost 4 years old and, as you can see from her picture, she is a Frenchie beauty. She is exhibiting some signs of anxiety and has had a few accidents since arriving in foster care. However, she seems like a mostly happy girl who will quickly come around with the love and stability of her foster family. She has certainly shown that she likes to cuddle and we know she will get plenty of cuddles in her foster home!

Like so many Frenchies, Greta has terrible breathing. Her foster family never wonders where she is because they can hear her loud breathing throughout the house! Greta may be a good candidate for nares/soft palate surgery. She’s a little on the heavy side, but that is understandable since she’s unable to do any sort of physical activity without struggling to breath. Greta also has deep face wrinkles that are a bit irritated, but that’s nothing a little extra care won’t cure! Unfortunately, her lack of potty manners and frequent urination have foster mom suspecting a UTI. Greta will be seeing the vet very soon and then we’ll know more about her health and how to get her into tip-top shape so that she can begin her search for a forever family.

Greta’s foster family is working hard to get her healthy, feeling secure, and ready for a wonderful forever home, and we all want to see those beautiful wrinkles turn into a big Frenchie smile! If you're as smitten as we are, and you'd like to sponsor Greta, please click on the link above.