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Date posted: 1/24/21
Location: New York

Please give a warm welcome to wee little Willow! Try saying that five times fast! At just eight weeks old, Willow was surrendered by her breeder for gastrointestinal issues and a prolapsed rectum.

You’ve heard the saying, "Work hard, play hard"? Well, Willow says, "Play hard, sleep hard!" Anyone who thinks babies don't sleep well clearly hasn’t met Willow yet, and we’re pretty sure her motto is, "Keep on keeping on!"

To Willow everything is wonderful! Even at just five pounds, this little girl is fearless. She loves to play and can hop around as well as any rabbit; but if there’s one thing Willow loves more than playing, it's snuggling! She loves to give and receive kisses, and will gladly let you know when she would like more attention.

This little girl came to FBRN with nothing but a pretty face. She would be so appreciative of some spare change for her medical bills and a few encouraging words to help get her over to the available page!

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Raymond Moore

Wee little Willow, we're rooting for you! Megan Fredrickson

Sponsor for Willow - best wishes for a speedy recovery! Kristin Gunter

Dan Kloeffler

6boro Social LLC

For Willow - stay strong sweet girl! AnjuliDoyle

Sweet little angel! We will be the first to raise our hand when you're ready for your forever home!! Velez Nicholas

Willow you are an adorable little muffin. We are happy to see you’re a fellow New Yorker! Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon on the available page. Jennifer R Valentin

Paul Doner

Get better soon sweet Willow ;) Addicted to Jams

Pam Sbarra Dillon

Colleen Susan Gardner

Wishing Willow an easy and complete recovery soon! Yachetisrael Israel

susan nugent

 For the beautiful wee Willow! Warrior Poet Productions

Willow, girl, I'm coming for you when you hit the available page! For now, buy yourself some treats! Leigha Chaffee

Willow, you are such a darling, we hope this buys you a couple fun toys to play with! We’ll keep an eye out for when you hit the available page when you’re feeling well enough. Keep healing, little one! -Meaghan, Colin and Owen

 Willow this gift comes with lots of love for your journey to your forever home. Sara Lasek

 For Willow from Missy and Silas

Jennifer Schein