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Date posted: 5/3/21
Location: Texas

Please welcome the beautiful lady Ouiser (wee-zer) to the FBRN family. Ouiser was surrendered to FBRN due to unresolvable compatibility issues with another dog in the household. FBRN is happy to help find the perfect mix in a forever home for this little diva.

Ouiser is about six years old, and as you can see from the pictures, she’s a brindle beauty. We’ll know more after her initial vet visit, but Ouiser appears to be in great health. Personality-wise, Ouiser wants to be in charge. She likes to lead the way on all walks, and at her own speed, which is fast! Ouiser is alert, curious, and very loving once she settles down. Getting her to settle can sometimes be problematic. Foster mom describes her as a “bull in a china shop”! After settling, however, Ouiser loves butt scritches and belly rubs and will “purr” when you rub her ears.

Ouiser could use some good vibes as she continues to get used to new routines in her foster home. If you could spare a little change, or just a few kind words, please click on the banner above to become her sponsor.