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2014 In Honor of & Donations



In memory of Jessica Campbell, who gave so much to FBRN, and in honor of her friends and family who shaped her to become the thoughtful and giving woman she was.  FBRN Board of Directors

Vivian Holland

Joan Cleveland

Jeanne Macomber

Letitia Wallace

Gina Mondo

Christine Ojile

Frank Hallenbeck and Alice Luft

Angela Brant

Abbie DiMeo

Alexandra Farren

James Leonard

Susan Dunn

Alissa Gordon

averi fegadel

Jean Patton

Edward Fitzgerald

Rema Iyer

Rachel Casas

Lisa Rosenberg

Susan Heimanson

Brittany McIntyre

Martin Vaughan

In memory of Jessica Campbell. Our thoughts are with her family at home and with her FBRN family. - Adam, Maureen and 'Murray'

Veronica Heller

Herb Harrison

Gary Malouf Jr

In honor of Jessica Campbell, a well-respected partner to the Mead Johnson Nutrition/Kantar Retail team. She will be missed dearly. Karyn Barrett

Briannan E Bintz

Casandra Holmes

Angelica Vella

Alethia Brown

Dutchess BOCES A S A

Yvonne Dryden

In memory of Jessica From the Horgan Family

Jennifer Langan

Tom Haskell

Martin Noble

Edward Clifford

Linda Heitmann

Valerie Haskell

Veronica Campbell

Remo Valdatta

In honor & memory of Jessica Campbell. With love, Danessa

Kevin McCoy

In memory of Jessica Campbell. May her love of dogs live on in the help you provide. Rachel Hronek

Robert Pierro

Karen Runza

DeWayne Ray

Heidi Lillie Gray

This is in memory of Jessica Campbell.  Friends of the Lanzillotti Family

Kristin Sjoholm

Donation from the staff of the Administration Bldg. at Dutchess BOCES, Poughkeepsie, NY. We are co-workers of Jessica's mom.

You would have loved Tuukka, and Tuukka would have loved you. I'm certain there is an endless supply of puppies in heaven to play with. RIP Jess. Love, Adam Goldberg

In loving memory of Jessica Campbell. A beautiful person, inside and out. Robin & Ed Anello

Margaret & Joe White

Michael Gaffney

Barbara DeSantis

Susan Moraca

Pat Bucala

Laurie & Tim Schoenfield   

Laura LeBoeuf   

Michael Fenswick     

Kim Stevens     

Amanda Broden     

Sara Satterfield     

Shelby Goss     

Kimm Pontiff     

Cindy Scanlan     

Donna Guidi     

Lynn Fink     

Jaime Dasque     

Hanna Baskerville    

Amber Wipfler     

Erin Zirbel  

Luz Burkhart     

Rachel Click     

Guelay Ekin     

Michael Hanscom & Lauren Beaudoin     

Michele Moosman    

Vera Jeter     

Lucy Sutcliffe     

Svetlana Levchenko     

Melissa Moreno     

Kiersten von Trapp & Sharyn Wacht     

Jeanne Macomber     

Rachel Brege     

Heather Mayrand     

Andrew Koffron     

Stefanie Johnson     

Destiny Masters     

Susan Congdon     

Trish Berresford     

Laura Kim     

Sally Curatola     

Jenifer McNulty    

Lindsay Revels    

Cristen Breuer  

Denise Galvin    

Abbie DiMeo     

Andrea Francheville                

Mandy Chew         

Jennifer Fugit

A great cause and a great person. Pat Bucala

Barbara Cesario

James and Rosemary Hogan

Lisa Sjoholm

In memory of Jessica, from her friends at Wheelbrator              


In honor of Rebecca and her frenchie Andre, as as they begin their cross-country move from Philly to LA. We will miss you guys but wish you many nice walks in the LA sunshine. - your friends at the MLBP

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAN your friends, Donna and Doreen from NYC

Donation in the name of devoted FBRN volunteer Cara Berardo-Lanard. - Philip Yoon

For my dear friend Linda Troup, in memory of her beloved Pierre. Godspeed, sweet boy! Susan Riley

In honor of Lentil's birthday. Love Francis the Frenchie in Indiana

In honor of Lentil's first birthday! Thank you FBRN for all you do. Sharon Spratling

In honor of Lucy Goode, Molly's cousin. Christine LaPierre

this donation is in honor of lentil bean the frenchie from philly's first birthday per his mommy lindsay at street tails animal rescue.  donicia hammond

In honor of Lentil Bean's 1st birthday. Sunny Vidrine

In memory of my Snugglepig Raisin. She has been gone three years (on 6 Feb 14). I miss her every day. Russ Talley

 My donation is on behalf of Zach Quillen, Melissa Lowell, and Minnie (whom they rescued thanks to your network!) Emily Rubenstein

This donation is inspired by Beth Klein, a true lover of all living things. (especially, these little monsters) Happy Birthday my love. Michael Biglow

Happy Valentine's Day mommy!!!! I am so lucky to have a mother with such a big heart and so much love to give. Love, Baby Lou

In loving memory of Oliver and his spunky happiness. Sara Perry

In memory of Joe Sage. Tom Kranstuber

In honor of Yoo Hoo's foster family and for all the amazing work that fbrn does. I can't be happier with the new addition to my frenchie family. THANK YOU! Kathryn Geminder

This donation is made in memory of Mr. Joe Sage. Beth Townsend

In memory of Joe Sage who really loved Frenchies. Rest in peace, Joe. We loved you. Roy & Kathy Bitter

Donated in honor of Fern Happy Birthday, Kristi! Emily Heilig

In Honor of Tully- John and Holly Whitcomb

n Honor of Tully- James and Linda Martincic

In memory of Joe Sage, a good nephew who will be sorely missed. James Banschbach

In memory of our cousin, Joseph Patrick Sage.  Warren and Carol Butt, Karen Butt, Kelley, Joe, Madison, Molly and Matt Kistich, Ryan Butt, Riker and Bayil

In loving memory of Daniel Thomasson who dearly loved his French Bulldog and his family. He will be greatly missed. Michael Giroux

In Memory of the coolest Frenchie ever - Petunia Pig. Gone way too soon! Alesha Walker

Happy Birthday to my Babypig Cookie. 11 yrs old 30 June 14. She is full of birthday cake.... Russ Talley

In memory of Stan. Meghan Smith

I am donating on behalf of my long time friend Nyurka Ojeda and her love of Frenchies! Happy Birthday Nyurka!  Janet Sterling

This donation is made in honor of Jenny Bauman-Goossens, the furry daughter of Kim and Paul. Happy Birthday, Kim! Suzanne Henry

In loving memory of Colette "Mushy" McBrien. She will be missed beyond words. Susan M. Smith

Project Big Heart, Blue Ridge Chapter

Wedding gift for Melissa Berg and Kristen Ostro and Mia. Diana Berg

n memory of Katie- such a sweet French bulldog!!!! Diane Dodds

I am making this donation to the FBRN in loving memory of our dear friend, Andy. He was the beloved Frenchie of a dear friend. He was the brightest light for his entire life. I am better for ever knowing him. RIP Andy. Douglas Bogdanoff

Donation in the name of @sofreshandsolily for completing my 5 day selfie challenge in Instagram. Jenifer McNulty

Donation in the name of @ferguson_the_mutt for completing my 5 day selfie challenge in Instagram. Jenifer McNulty

Donating in the name of @dexterfrench for completing my Instagram selfie challenge. Jenifer McNulty

In memory of Laurie and Tim's beloved FBRN Grad Trixie. Nancy Best

Sandi and Mark- Kona was a great friend, a great companion, and a great house guest! We know Kona will always have a special place in your heart. Paula Lewis

In honor of Oliver. Dana Rohulich

In loving memory of Toulouse, from Pearl Animal Hospital 

Today (Oct 31st) would have been my best friend Oatmeal's 13th birthday. She has been gone for 2 1/2 yrs and I miss her every day. Russ Talley


In honor of Oliver. The Frug Club, Louisville, KY

In honor of my friend Russ Talley, who is the greatest lover of FBDs I've ever known. Victor Galaviz


In memory of Gallagher. We wish you the best of luck and appreciate all the work you are doing. Greg & Nicole Hunter in Nebraska

In memory of FBRN's Gallagher. Cat Parker

In memory of Henri, 2003-2014: My sweet lil man, aunty Kim loved him like her own! His mommy and daddy Hal and Jodi gave Henri the most beautiful life and lots and lots of love!


On behalf of Stacy Hunter, Irene Gen

In honor of Talia Theofel. Catherine Theofel

Happy 7th Birthday to my shadow Pumpkin The Pumpiferous Pumpy! Pig Dad

In memory of my Boston Terrier, Sydney Isabella, who passed away in June of 2013 as well as in honor of my Frenchie, Vada Josephine. Deborah Blount

Happy Birthday Marilyn Traeger, From Newman and Breezie

Happy Holidays to all my furry friends! John Newhouse

Luke - you will be missed by many but never forgotten. Your beloved Frenchie Bosco will miss you just as much as all of us. Stephanie Frischknecht

To use where ever needed! Michele DeMoske-Weiss

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, dear FBRN and FBRN Frenchies. We're sending all our best! Guelay Ekin 

In honor of my wonderful niece Amanda Straily and her frenchie Lily! Merry Christmas and much love, Uncle Steve

In memory of Zoe. She was my first rescue and from FBRN ❤️ Cynthia Hills

This is in lieu of a traditional Christmas gift for my sister Lindsey who has great respect for your organization. Brian Glen

In honor of Balthazar, Frenchie Extraordinaire! Timothy OToole

In memory of Cozy (2011 FBRN grad Abuelita) and in honor of her devoted people Carrie and Matt McGraw. Cozy forever. Charlotte Cooney

We are making this gift in the name of Murphy and his amazing Mom, Rachel Click, who works with FBRN and has been our spirit guide in finding the right frenchie for us. Just a small token of thanks to help a cause we know is close to her heart! Kate Garrett

This donation is in memory of my beloved Wilbur, my co-pilot in life for over 12 1/2 years. He was born to be happy, and hopefully this donation can help other Frenchies find happiness. Phoebe

On behalf of Kat and Mike Daley---and Ruckus and Rumble! Malaika Little

For my Elle, we miss your sweet face and loving personality! Shantel Poole

Keep up the great work. Michael Castro

In memory of Jessica Campbell. Mimi Braude

Merry Christmas, Jen!... and also, of course, in honor of our beloved and missed Bessie Bess, the best girl ever. Josie's got some work to do... ;) Love you, Laura

Happy New Year FBRN! All the best to the team and the fosters! - Adam, Maureen and MURRAY!










In memory of Joe Sage who found unconditional love in his Frenchies. You will truly be missed Joe. Rest in Peace.

In memory of Joe Sage whose children will miss him dearly. Kisa Koenig

In memory of Joe Sage who loved his french bull dog. Darla & Larry Singleton

In memory of Dawson Ann, who will be forever missed and loved by many but most especially Larry and Jeff.

In Honor of Dawson Ann Alberta May Smith-Frace. Loved by everyone who got to meet her, but especially by her devoted Parents Larry and Jeff. She will always have a very special place in their lives and home in their hearts.

In fond memory of Gracie, who was a true part of the family for 10 years for George and Brian. May she continue in spirit her marathon walks and special visits to all her friends. She will be sorely missed by us all. Bonnie & Dallas

In Memory of Nala Lewis. Valerie Shea

In loving memory of Buttercup for Karen and Bruce Sullivan.  Laura Fridfertig

In Honor of Chanel & Dior my Frenchies!! Monica Stuck

This donation is in honor of Beau Schooley, our beloved French Bulldog that we surrendered from our family on March 16, 2014. We were blessed to have him as part of our family for almost 9 years and we pray that he makes another family happy in the future. We pray this money can be used towards any needs that he has now or in the future. We are so thankful for the FBRN for taking over the care of our dog and assisting in finding a new home for him. God bless! We love you Beau!

From the "I Love French Bulldogs!" Facebook group and Lola the Pirate Pug!! The group helped fund a second surgery for our pug, Lola, after she lost an eye in a scuffle with our rescue frenchie. This is what was left. I've painted 40+ portraits in 3 weeks! Doggie-Doodle

In memory of Piggy. Her short life, though hard, was an inspiration to us all. She was rescued off Kijiji  and died just after her 1st bday, very sad. Anne Turner

Theo our precious little boy left us too soon, he will be so missed but never forgotten. He was a joy in our lives everyday we had him we loved him so. Thank you FBRN for the privilege of being chosen to be Theo's forever home. Michelle,  Joseph & Stanley

This donation is being made in memory of our loved buddy Roscoe Love, Mimi & Papa

In memory of Gilbert Seidman. John Arnold

In memory of Gilbert Seidman, father of Barbara Seidman who is the mother to the most beloved Frenchie, Garry. Dick and Diane Behrle

In memory of Gilbert Seidman. Mikalee and John Nunn

In memory of Gilbert Seidman. Chris and Mary Cochran

In Honor and Memory of Miracle Max who touched our hearts. Run free at the bridge you dapper gentleman. The Gordons

In memory of Star Gadel from your friends at Chalmette Pet Wellness clinic. We know you were greatly loved and will be missed.

In Memory of Minkie. Beth and John Glowacki

How lucky were we! Fred & Daisy were nothing but love. This is in their memory.....Christopher Brand

In loving memory of Daniel Thomasson. Susan and Dwan Davis

In honor of my Mom on Mothers' Day, and all the good little dogs out there who need families to love them. Samantha Cook

In memory of Eloise. Karen and Kenneth Leafe

Love to Minkie on the rainbow bridge. Tashi Kenzom

In honor of the loving marriage of the two best Frenchie daddies in the whole wide world - Jason Cooper Hall and John Nadeau. Beth Freedman

In Honor of the continued dedication that Michelle Howard, FBRN Foster Mom, has gifted us selflessly in support of our son Clyde. Erin Bailey

It has been two years without my best friend Oatmealpig. I miss her every day. Pig Dad

In Honor of my Aramis. For Thorin. She would have loved to have you as her play mate and she would have taken you under her wing. May you soon find a loving home that will give you all the time you deserve. Jasmine, Jeff, Aramis, Athos, Captain, Reggie and Bane

For FBRN grad Fancy's birthday!!! Susan Congdon

Love, Duke. Nada Smith

Congratulations Rebecca and Scott! We are so very happy for you! -The Becks

In honor of the wedding of Rebecca and Scott some of the greatest animal lovers and rescuers known to Ballard! May your lives together bring you two as much joy as you bring to all of the animals around you!  From Sean & Mike

In honor of Dawn D. Dempsey of Seattle WA, from Elizabeth Munson

In memory of Daniel Thomasson. Helen Allen

In memory of Vernon Ferrell. Paula Edmund

In memory of Joseph Sage. Laurence Weber

In memory of Chester. William Nuffer

Donation in honor of Maria Mijalski from Glad Dogs Foundation

In memory of Joe Sage who loved his Frenchies to the moon and back. Joe you will be missed. Diane and Bob Bitter

n honor of Robert Palowoda, "Papa," who loved and nurtured many French Bulldogs in his lifetime.

In Memory of our beloved Sayan. Teresa Caudle

From Midge of The Moon Pieds 

Happy Mothers Day to Oatmeal and Raisin. Russ Talley

In loving memory of my Princess Spanky August 11, 2003 - May 21, 2014. You will be in my heart and with me forever. I will miss all of your cuddles and you digging through my bags looking for your new toy. Keep Grandma & Grandpa company. Love you bunches my pretty Spanky Girl. Tracey Wiedeman

This donation is to celebrate the marriage of my dearest friends, Jason and John, and to honor their wonderful little Frenchie, Ouie Pierre! Hooray for the freedom to love and marry! Julie Ann James

In memory of Kathy Aikey - Bonnie Levitt

Happy 1st Birthday Maggie, from your first mommy Jasmine in California.

Happy 1st Birthday Geneva, from your first mommy Jasmine in California.

Happy 1st Birthday Jura, from your first mommy Jasmine in California. 

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie, from your first mommy Jasmine in California.

Happy 1st Birthday Logan, from your first mommy Jasmine in California.

In memory of Wilbur (aka Wilburbeast), a naughty Frenchie who left us too soon. We know he is in heaven shaking french-fry trees and chasing kitties. Thanks to Dr. Mohlman at Grady Veterinary Hospital for keeping Wilbur feeling good while he was with us.

In memory of Gino Goldberg, beloved Frenchie of Pam Flint & Joe Goldberg, from your friends at Heidrick & Struggles

In memory of Madeleine Chambers. Ann Montalto

This donation is in honor of Danny and Kristina Martinez and their beautiful Bella Ridge French Bulldog Josie. Jill and David Neidig

Just a small token to say thank you and to help in the things you do. You are a wonderful organization. I am sending this as a thank you in honor of the 8 wonderful years since we adopted our sweet Bubba from you.  William and Patricia Taylor

In memory of Eloise, adopted 2007.  Ivan Campos

In honor of my friend and Frenchie lover, Ruthie Chiger of FBRN. Donald J Lord


In loving memory of Henri' who was taken from me too soon due to stomach cancer. He will always be missed and never forgotten.  Robby Stelly

In honor of Elvira (Sweet Pea) Schroeder, who died on July 9th., in Wisconsin.  Jane Schroeder

In honor of my furbaby, Dudley Pierre. XoXo Jennifer Jones

Happy 11th birthday to Roxiepig my first Frenchie. She is full of birthday cake. Russ Talley

In loving memory of AnnaBelle, beloved companion of Teresa and Craig Bjork. We will treasure your memory. Dr. David and Jill Neidig, Bella Ridge French Bulldogs

In honor of Betty Boop, my long lost sister and her amazing mother Susan Congdon. Your story is an inspiration to us all. Hera Burkhart

Our donation is in honor of the wedding of our friends, Susan Schurman and Ashley Conway, on August 8, 2014.  Dan Garrow & Robert Romano

In lieu of favors for our wedding, we are making a donation on behalf of our beloved Frenchie, Elvis. He couldn't be there on our big day, but he was there in spirit (and pictures!). Thank you for all that you do saving Frenchies in need!!! Caitlin Roswell

This donation made in memory of Jill and Dave Neidig's beloved Frenchie, Frank. JoLynn Thorson

This is a small donation in memory of Sandy Hertel's Pug, Ms. 'Coco. In the Jewish religion, $18 is Chai, the word for life. Bette Kaplan

In memory of Kip Kennedy, with love from Inka to Kip's wife Vicki Kennedy

In honor of Frederick and John's Otto, From All of Us

In honor of Gus's grandpa, Harry Lau

In loving memory of Ollie Kindamo, Allison Bienenfeld

In loving memory of Phillippe Frymyer-Carapella. Jessica Pernal 

In memory of Erika and John Schroeder’s French bulldog Elvira who passed away suddenly on July 9th.  We will all miss her. Rick and Janis Olson



Delilah Garrison- Even though we only knew you for a short time, you were loved the moment you came into our lives. We hope you loved your second chance at life as much as we loved you. You gave so much unconditional love and completed our family. We miss you cuddle bug, see you at the rainbow bridge.  Jennifer 
In memory of Godzilla, aka great white. R.i.p. baby  - Beth Sunderland
We were nominated for the "Bark for Rescue Challenge" on Facebook. Here is the link to our video:  
Kristin Moon
In memory of my first baby: Sea Donkey. I miss him so much, and I really hope I made his short life a very happy one. stacy rasmusen
In honor of Tom & Wendy on their wedding day. Congratulations! Kurt & Rhonda

In celebration of the marriage of Patty Whitehouse and Sean O'Shea, and their love of frenchies!!! Rebecca Erdel
In Loving memory of my husband, E. Vernon Ferrell III. He was the backbone of our family. Sandra Ferrell 
This donation is being made in honor of Kristen Ostro and Melissa Berg - thank you for all of your amazing work! Meghan Macaluso

Donation on behalf of Andrea, Two French Bulldogs, winner of DogTime's 2014 Petties.

For Kristen Ostro and Melissa Berg's wedding <3 Danae Rubenstein
In memory of Jennifer Peterson. Edward Peterson

For all the sweet frogs that need a little extra TLC. This is in honor of the AdorabullDog facebook page which promotes the health and welfare of all dogs, but is biased to Frenchie frogs :-) Love, Jenny and 'my frog', Dudley Pierre

For the rescue Frenchies! From Rooster Cogburn, FBRN grad

In memory of Hoosier Viggiano.  Gregory Shore

In honor of  Lola Grace Hirsch. Katherine Dunn

In memory of James T. Marshall, Sally Curatola's stepdad. In the Jewish religion, any multiple of $18 means life. Bette Kaplan

In memory of my Frenchie Jeffery who died of bone cancer at age 13 in October. We miss him so much. Mary Shaughnessy

Happy Birthday Babs! You are missed and loved, forever in our hearts... Barrett Windrem

In memory of our sweet girl, Sheena. We miss you every day. Sharon White

In memory of Scribbles, the canine friend of Elissa O’Sullivan. Jennifer R. Grant, LMT

In honor of Gerry Kendal, love from Jezebel

This is to honor Tosha LoSurdo from her aunt Vita, with love and light!!

This donation is made in Amanda Jean Straily's name. Danielle Dutt

This donation is made on behalf of our client, the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau. Louise Uzdavines

All the best for this holiday season. Carrie Rudder


On behalf of Tracie Thomas. Anna Kim

In honor of Stacy Thrailkill. Deanne Witt

In honor of Jacqui Bean, friend to Frenchies. Melissa Schneider

This gift is in honor of Adam Willard and Heather Swallow. Elizabeth Thames

In memory of my sweet Bessie girl, who gave me so much joy and love for 10.5 years. I will miss you forever and ever; there will never be another dog quite like you. xoxo Jennifer Ismert

 Donation on behalf of Robyne Ousman of Las Vegas. She is truly a special person, one of the best I've had the pleasure of knowing. Matt Crawford

Happy Holidays to the little Frenchies! Douglas Ziegler

For the greatest need. Thank you for all your efforts and Happy Holidays! Susan Mora

In honor of a loved one. andrew ciccaglione

For all the frenchies and wonderful fosters merry christmas! Teresa Southwick

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the little Frenchies at FBRN. Although it's not much...I hope this helps all the lovely pups and the families that help. Love to you all! Sara Smith

Merry Christmas from Christi, Dave, and Saxby! Frenchies forever!

This contribution is being made in behalf of Judy and Ray Green. Love, Cosby and Tiki.

In honor of Jinnie Lockridge, who would help all the French Bulldogs, as well as any other animal that is in need of help and love! She has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to fur babies!! Melissa Wagner

In memory of Lukasz "Luke" Prokop who loved his Frenchie Bosco. "We do not remember days, we remember moments." (Cesare Pavese). Luke, you will be missed, but never forgotten. -- Your Friends at Lionbridge Technologies

Donated in memory of Mr. Forrest (Mr. Ages) he was an amazing dog and we were lucky to have him for 8 months. We miss him greatly but are very thankful for FBRN and what they do! Diana McGlothlin

Keep up the great work! Erica Schlaug

In Memory of "Josey" Carlson.  Lynn McGinnis

With happy memories of LeRoy Doyle. We will miss your sweet monkey paws, cute teefies and big, brown eyes. Michelle Garrido Sutton

In honor of Zeus, RIP 12/28/14 Nikhil Patel