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2015 In Honor of & Donations

In Honor of Benny the Frog, beloved FBRN rescue frenchie of Candi and Bob Nilsson. Known for his underpant-snatching, tomato-stealing and tire-whizzing ways, he was a legend in his own time.

Godspeed, Big Ben.

Love, Ruthie, Sally, Sandy, Heidi, Kate, Trish and Karol


 In honor of Benny the frog. He was there pretty much from the beginning of FBRN. What a cool dude. With love to Candi and Bob. Xo Sandy & Tom

In honor of Candi and Bob Nilsson's Big Ben, of the Deli Dozen. We loved him. Heidi, Glenn, Ella and Owen

Remembering Benny the Frog, a stalwart friend and infamous thief of lingerie, tomatoes, and hearts. Kate Ghiselin

In memory of our Frenchie, Dobby Walsh Dubroff. We love you with all of our heart and always will. Love, Colleen and Jon Dubroff

In honor of Diesel and the Nichols/Ladhani Family. Caitlin Pickard

In memory of Molly & to the luck of finding Wampa! Christine LaPierre

In honor of Trinket and Nick! Merry Christmas love Gabby J

Donation from Saving French Bulldogs one auction at a time. Merry Christmas, Debbie

In Memory of Ella G., aka Ellagator. You were the best frenchie ever and will never be forgotten. Andrea Greiling

In honor of our favorite Frenchie, Bailey-- and of his humans, Mike L. And Mary M. - Edward Lutkus

In honor of Tom Hunter and Susan Riley, and in memory of their loved & loyal companion Remy who is greatly missed. Stephanie Hunter-Dines

In Honor of our buddy Newman Traeger. Jan 9, 2006 - Dec. 10, 2015 We miss you. Wade Smith

In honor and memory of our Yogi. It's been 2 yrs. that you're gone, but it still hurts like it was yesterday. Quirky, silly, loving- I even miss your snoring Love you always! You were the best!!! Jo Ann Zavodnick

Please use as best needed for our four-legged frenchie friends. William S Moore

From FBRN Grad Carson. Tamara MacDonald


In memory of our daughter, Jessica Campbell on her 28th birthday. FBRN was so important to Jess. We will honor her this way every birthday and holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Jess. We miss you more each day. We love you . Veronica Campbell


In Memory of Storm - a treasured member of Anne Turner's family. Jennifer McNaughton

Oh Sven, do you wanna build a snowman? Take care little buddy, you're in the arms of Angels now! ~Michelle~

In memory of our darling Bella Bean, Sarah Crumb

Thank you for what you do. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to do more. Christine Ortega

Thank you for all that you do! Daniel & Donna Kovach

In memory of Big Stripey Raisinpig who has been gone for 4 yrs today. I miss her every day. Pig Dad Mushroom Cookiepig Pumpkin

A donation towards the total from the Great Lakes Pet Expo & The Milwaukee Krew. From Opie's (2013 grad) treat and toy fund

I hope this helps a Frenchie out! Brianna Deschene

Flowers and chocolates are great and all but nothing makes my lady happier than laughing at photos of Frenchies or finding one in public to go pet. Looking forward to the day we can become a Frenchie's "humans". Thanks for all that you do FBRN!! Wish I had more $ to give. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and my #1, Veronica! - Love, Pat

'09 FBRN Grad Newman picked up the bat signal and wanted to send help. Use wherever needed. Amy Surber

Happy Birthday Sofie. Happy to help Frenchies. All my Love Pete XXXXXX

In memory of Franklin Belvedere Donenelli, the sweetest and most well loved boy in the whole wide world. Karen Katz Fitness

I know my donation amount isn't much but I wanted to at least give a little something to help these beautiful pups. They deserve a chance at a great life full of love. Thank you for all that you do!! Turner 

In loving memory of Gris-Gris Benoit, FBRN icon and sneaky buzzard extraordinaire. We will miss you, Gris-Gris. Much love from Heather and Lola-No.

For FBRN. Jeannette Forget

In memory of Pebbles, Peaches and Cinnamon our sweet baby frenchies. Big Paul's Cycle

This donation is in honor of Mia, Carol Crotty Won's beloved Frechie. With all our Love and Sympathy, Pam and Tina de Boxer Mary and Bronxie the Pittie

In memory of Lola on her birthday. Justin Hirsch


Warm thoughts and many puppy hugs and kisses in memory of Yoshi who brought so many so much laughter per his IG account. And now in honor of Kiko, a wonderful little Frenchie, who has SO much personality and LOVE for all- HUGS to her Mom who blessed us by allowing us to be part of their lives-  Sharon and Lola

In honor of that special person who puts his/her heart into writing up the stories of each and every precious Frenchie who comes into FBRN. Monica Rosner

This is a donate in honor of Penny's 6th birthday and her third year with us. We adopted her on April 1, 2012 and we have had so much fun with her and love her so much. Her name was Bella and listed as "Colette" on the site. She is doing well and has two Frenchie friends in our family named Gigi & Dolly. Thank you for letting us adopt her! Josh Margolis & Adam Sadovsky Austin, TX

Spike was loved by many, but none more than by his Mom and Dad, Chrissy and Scott.  He touched all of our lives and we will not forget him.  From all of us Pi Beta Phi sisters- we will see you on the other side, Spike!  PPL: Toni Cerino, Natalie & Shawn Felder, Jennifer Cauldwell & Dirk Himebaugh, Lindsey & Brian Glodt, Jennifer McCarthy, Brandy & Chris Tallaksen, Melissa & Jennifer Melton, and Brooke Briggs.


In honor of the memory of Leroy -- instagram name @lucyandleroy. Matthew Alpert

In memory of Summer Isleib.  Deborah Thompson

Hope this helps a little! Love, Mersaydayz and Baby Girl- your EB friends!!

In honor of my beloved Bodacious. Cheri Stevenson

In Honor of Katie McNamara's Birthday <3 Libi and Lola

In honor of @mamase_thefrenchie 2nd birthday! Julie Phan

In memory of Bootsy please accept this donation towards the care of the mature beauties that may be waiting a bit longer for their forever homes. xo Vee & Andy

Hoping this is a helpful drop in the bucket!!! Natalie and Danny Kozak

In honor of Carrie on her bridal shower. Carrie adopted Lucy from FBRN in 2013. Kristen Fantel


In honor of Citron, a sweet-tempered, mellow, happy little Frenchie who left us too soon. Katherine Ghiselin


Our beloved Norman. Your sweet, funny, quirky love will be deeply missed by every one of us. Thank you for teaching us to slow down and cuddle up. You gave your Jake the gift of animal love. You will forever be in our hearts. We miss you deeply budso! Elizabeth Baumgartner

This is from Ginny and me, the best Frenchie I was so lucky to adopt from you. She makes my day every day. Cindy Carroll

In memory of my beloved Bodacious. Cheri Stevenson

Donation made in loving memory of Lulu, who passed away on May 4, 2015. She was so loved by her family, and is greatly missed! Christina Freeman

SKS and MK - a never ending love story! In memory of an old fuzzy funny female friend who brought us tremendous joy and laughter. SANDESH SINGH

A donation from the Pugfest booth in Milwaukee, WI. on 5-17-2015 & The Milwaukee Krew. From Opie's (2013 Grad) treat & toy fund.

In memory of Oatmeal. The best friend I've ever had. She has been gone 3 yrs today (29 May 15). Pig Dad Mushroom Cookiepig Pumpkin

This donation is on behalf of Kooeepapercraft for the '50% of purchase' campaign ran in May 2015. I've also added a personal donation. Kooee Papercraft

Our wonderful French Bulldog, Lucé, died suddenly this week. May have been a heart attack. She was 101/2 wonderful years old. She was the greatest gift we could have imagined. She gave so much love, devotion, companionship and protection. This is a great loss for us. Renee and Herman Godwin

In memory of sweet Bella(bean) sarah crumb

In honor of Mike Arceneaux & Scottland Jacobson:

Steve Cook


Shannon Singleton

Geri Severson

Bernice Luk

Marie Booker

Karen Felts

Michael Abegglen

Angela Downing

Mark Stanley

Andrea Ray

Noel Mason

Mia M Sundbaum

Belinda Lee Clark

Randy Johnson

Wallace Williams 

In honor of Mike Arceneaux & Scottland Jacobson - Love the Petersons!


In memory of our beloved Claudius Maximus who crossed the rainbow bridge 4/27/14. Anthony Wagner

In honor of Leroy for @lucyandleroy on Instagram. Michael Alpert

In memory of Stripey Raisinpig. Today (7 June) is her birthday. She would have been 13. Russ Talley

For any frenchie in need! Michele Rawas

In honor of Theo and Alex. Monica Remba

Sending some warm French love & good vibes from over in San Francisco! xoxo Jess & Boe

In loving memory of my FBRN Frenchies Eva, Gris-Gris, and Sweet Vivienne (FBRN Peyton), you may be gone but you are forever in my heart. Jeanne Macomber

In loving memory of Bijou Iida...."a warrior til the end"~ Jeanne and Jerry Joiner In loving memory of Bijou Iida~ Sat and Mako Furuyama

Here is a little something to help with medical bills for any of the beautiful frenchies in need = xoxox Sioux-z Jessup

This donation is in honor of Fern. We wish her a quick recovery. Peggy and Dave Millheiser (Fern's Grandparents)

 In honor of the most beautiful bulldog,  Boss Roland Slater. I loved you from the moment I saw you.  Love Mom


Verdot, We will always love you. You brought so much happiness to our lives. You were a true companion and no one snuggles better. You made us laugh and filled us with joy. I know you will give the same love to your forever family. All our love, forever. Juliet Montague

This donation is the cash we raised from the 2015 MN Pet Expo booth that was sponsored by Mootugs!

In honor of Madoc Henderson-Sonnichsen. Brian Mangin

In loving memory of JP. Sarah Hart

We are donating a little something to thank FBRN for helping all the Frenchies! And in honor of BillieJean Holiday's 5th Birthday! Mintra Tan

This donation is in memory of Stella. Her mom is Amy Tetrault. -Sarah Milstein

God bless you for helping and loving such an adorable and deserving breed. I love my Frenchmen beyond measure. Kim Holy

This is a donation in memory of our amazing french bulldog Romy. RIP little buddy! Thank you FBRN. David Weiss

This donation is in memory of a beloved frenchie, Dag Sebrell-Cipolla. Katherine Cohen

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gross and  little Watson! So glad we could be a part of your special day! Love, Hanna and Dylan.

We worked hard for the past month promoting my birthday and asked that in lieu of gifts, that people donate to my birthday fundraiser on instagram. We are super excited to donate the proceeds today, on my birthday, to help frenchies in need. xoxo Peace, love, and squishy faces, Nacho @nachodogg



This donation is in honor of Cynthia Masso. From Hans and Kristen Addicks

In honor of Stephanie Stephens' 60th birthday. Dean Cox

In Memory of Honey Mitchell, a deeply loved dog. Roslyn Coates

I am making this donation on behalf of my girlfriend, Natalie Wayne, in honor of her for our anniversary. Eric Canupp

In honor of Darla. Minda Phillips

Donation on behalf of April Cadreau for her 40th birthday:) Mary Fox

Donation in memory of Tank Robinson from the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center.

Hi FBRN! We are getting married later today, and we decided that in lieu of wedding favors for our guests we would much rather make to make a donation in their honor to our favorite cause: FBRN. From our Frenchie family to yours, please enjoy and put it to great use for some of our furry little friends! All the best & lots of love, Mike & Melanie Sussman (and Hootie!) 

In honor of my beloved brindle Frenchie boy ATTILA. He massaged my heart every day from 07/20/2005 - 4/28/2015. Thank you all for your tireless work to help this amazing breed. Laura McLauchlin

In memory of Levi Isleib our little Frenchie cousin. Deborah Thompson

In loving memory of our sweet Rudy from his Mom, Dad, Lucy and Rosie.

In loving memory of Leroy (@lucyleroy on Instagram) from Oso and Matt

In memory of Mr Mel, best friend and Frenchie extraordinaire. He brought a smile to our faces and left his paw prints on our hearts. Sara J Lumpkins

This donation is in memory of my doggie nephew, Alfie. Joan Cohen

In memory of Napoleon, beloved companion of Emily, Jacqui, and Joel. Suzanne Wilsey

Hope this helps fill the coffers for many more future FBRN rescues. xoxo Zoe the Frenchie and Blue her Weimaraner side-kick

In loving memory of a special Frenchie, Bert, cherished companion of Steve, Jeanne and Stephanie.
RIP Bert 1/1/06-10/5/15
Donating on behalf of Frenchies everywhere and Shelly Fuerte's Marathon! Jennifer Gunn
In memory of Bug Holzbeierlein.  Jeffrey Dillow
In memory of Roscoe Wickline. Meredith Bridgers
In memory of Big Boy and Sterling, two Frenchies dearly loved and never forgotten. Kerry Mantrop
In Honor of Kimchi's birthday. Jessica Kronis
In Honor of Meeps Ciccaglione's 10th birthday! We're going to party like it's 2005. Love, Juliette
This donation is in honor of Meeps' Ciggaglione's 10th birthday! Abbie DiMeo
In Memory of Jack Zetterberg who was deeply loved by his mommy and daddy, Trisha and Jeremy.
This donation was made to celebrate our Sweet Baby Maya’s birthday today, who passed away on June 3, 2015.  Aaron and Renee Riley
In honor of Ouie Pierre - the best little frenchie!! And great advocate of the FBRN.  Karen Markowitz
This is in Honour of the Goddess Hekate. Ida Fiorucci
This donation is in loving memory of Lily "Piglet" Sorrell. She will be greatly missed. May she play in paradise with her best friend Chowder, just over the rainbow bridge.  Jacqueline Noel
This donation is in honor of my two adorabull Frenchies, Amos and Evelyn, and my in-laws rescued Frenchie, Bella. I cannot imagine having to give up my furbabies, and I'm thankful for all that you do to provide care and love to these sweet little clown dogs in their time of need.  Marion During
Donation in the name of Amanda Dothard in Fort Myers, Florida - Anonymous
The 7 Frenchies of @mamafrenchie want to pay it forward. We have been so blessed despite our health challenges. Every Frenchie deserves a chance at a happy healthy life.
In memory of Martin and Miss Jackson. Jim Covey
Merry Christmas from Sarah Grubb
Thanks for all the great work you do FBRN! Merry Christmas. Amanda Bruner
In honor of my mother, Sharon Wiggins. Merry Christmas! Amy Wiggins
Please use for where your organization has the most need. We love our Frenchie and think you do amazing work! Carla Borsoi
This donation is made in honor of our precious Duke who we all lost, and miss dearly this past August. Pamela Grimson