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2016 In Honor of & Donations

In memory of Carrie Fisher:1956-2016. Not every Frenchie is as lucky as Gary when their mom dies. Amanda Cherry

In memory of Carrie Fisher. Ellen Mills


Dozer and I would like to share a little something for whoever needs it most. As a Frenchie himself, Dozer is especially pleased with the help you provide and wanted to share some encouragement. Thanks for all you do! Audrey Jones

Sarah Robinson

On behalf of Brad Windhauser and Jared Von Arx and their two Frenchies, Trooper and Griffin. Phillip Wisdom

Dedicated to past adoptee Odysseus - our second FBRN Frenchie who passed a year ago at age 11: a loss I still can't bear without tears. Thank You. hafsa ibrahim

In memory of FBRN Grad Buzz. Rob Demko

In memory of Beau Silva, in our hearts forever. Lauren Olmsted

In honor of Mathilda and Beatrice Bully Le Chien. donna redier linsk

From the Crawford Frenchie 5!

This donation is inspired by Concord Free Press! Caleb Stark

This is in memory of Louie <3 Shannon Radkovich

In memory of Chance by Chris, Tina & Vincent

In memory of my three little pigs, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Christmas. Russ Talley

Merry Christmas to all the Frenchies I need of some help! Josh, Vicki, Lotus & Nelson

Merry Christmas, Laura and Jeff! Diane Cameron

Donated in the names of Tricia and Tag! James Rose

Thank you for everything you do! Renee Minnick

In honor of Frenchie extraordinaire Lana Tuner and her lucky human Amy Turner -- just a couple of Las Vegas divas! Bay Loftis

From Jason Jacobs and David Derbyshire

From FBRN Grad Carson

In honor of Erica Stanley. Cathryn Stanley

In honor of "Frank" best friend ever of Marie Frausto. Renee Beaudry

Happy 9th Birthday (17 Dec) to my Pumpiferous Pumpkin! Russ Talley

In memory of Doyle Burke. Melissa Martin

For Ted and Caroline Smith, in honor of Tonto. Sarah Haynes

For all the frenchies who need a little help this Xmas. With ❤️ . ALISON STEWART

This donation is a Christmas gift for Ted and Caroline Smith, in honor of Tonto. Sarah Haynes

In memory of Lucy (Joy) who we adopted from FBRN in 2010 and joined the other animals on the Rainbow Bridge last month. Billie McLean

Christmas gift for Serena Liu. Chungyu Tsai

In memory of "Tyson" Conner - Sebring, FL. Steve Arnesen

In honor of my daughter Erica as a Christmas gift. Cathryn Stanley

In honor of Bill and Connie Schleuning. Diane Allen 

@baloublue Christmas. Mark Aguilar

This donation is in honor of Jody,Vinny and Sally Nichilo and in loving memory of Chancie. Merry Christmas, Love Jo & Joycie

Hopefully, you can provide: toys, treats, or help w/medical bills. This gift is in honor of my faithful companion & Frenchie, Angus. Cheryl Richardson

This Merry Christmas gift is in honor of Nicole Burkel and her dog Luna in Massachussetts.  Sarah Sutton

Porsche (formerly "Portia" when she was adopted from FBRN in December 2010) would like to give back to those who rescued her this holiday season, and hopes this comes in handy for whichever precious Frenchie needs it most. Happy Holidays! Christopher Annibale

In Honor of Will Saive; In Memory of Magda. Callista Goss

In honor of Natalie Perrotta, devoted dog mother of Rupert. Will Levit

This donation is made on behalf of Jordan Monday. remy dunagan

In Honor of @murphownsus, @frankjrandstella, and @sofreshandsolily for the hours of comfort and smiles they give me on Instagram. Happy Christmas, love @ms.smiz

In honour of my favourite Auntie, Lala. ainsley hillyard

In honour of my Grandma, Fern Snart. ainsley hillyard

In honour of my Grandpa, Gerry Kendal. ainsley hillyard

In memory our very first Frenchie, Paisley.  Gwen Anthony

I love frenchies and wish I could do more thank you from Karin Nordquist and her two frenchies belle and daisy

Memoriam for Artie (Adopted May 2009, crossed rainbow bridge July 2016). Many thanks for his companionship!!! Please use this donation to help others as needed Greg M

In memory of Chewie.. Hope you are chasing balls over the rainbow with all your friends! The Sewing Loft

In memory of Scooter. He was a good boy and loved us all just as we loved him. We miss Scoo. Linda Jones

This donation is given in loving memory of our AJ. monica pluemer

My donation is in memory of my two beloved frenchies, Thomas and Hoshi. Jill Scheibler

In memory of Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Thanksgiving. Holidays aren't the same without my three little pigs. Russ Talley

In honor of Bruno. Christine Johnson


Use wherever needed! :) Amy Surber

In honor of little Elvis. You were the best of the best, and on this one year mark since your passing, we honor you. Always missed. Promise Gephart

Barbara Ward

In Honor of Bubba Jerry Stueber! Lisa Stirnemann
In honor of Mike Furney & Miya Maysent's Wedding! Kevin Updegrove

This donation is in honor of Moose's 7th birthday, and given by his parents (Janet and Frank), his brother Peaty, and all of his Instagram friends. XXOO

In honor of Cookiepig (29 June 2003-04 November 2015) who died one year ago today She was the third member of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. She was the cutest girl I've ever seen. I have her blue Granddaughter Daphne who reminds me of her every day. Russ Talley

In memory of sweet, sweet Sheena whose passing 2 years ago today has allowed us to open our hearts again to another FB rescue, Ginger. We love and miss you so much. Sharon

My best friend Oatmeal was born on Halloween 2001. She died 29 May 2012 of lymphoma. She was the happiest girl I've ever known. I miss her every day. Russ Talley

This is in memory of Bruno Dolen, beloved pooch of Jim & Lisa Dolen. 

In celebration of the life of Millie. Laura Dankowski


we love you guys ! heidi and lulu @lulunasty

Frenchie Apple Picking donation, in memory of FBRN Grad Biddy. Heather Trainer

Hi! This is a donation from Kantar Retail in honor of our dear colleague and friend, Jessica Campbell. Although Jess did not have her very own French Bulldog, she loved the time she was able to volunteer through the FBRN. We, the #KRamily, misses Jess very much!

Donation by Abby Moore made in honor of Louis Morris. 

Hi fuzzy babies !!!! I am sorry I can't donate more but my Mom is taking care of my old brother Mojo.No one touch my hedgehog Just because I went over the rainbow bridge does not mean I am not watching you...... snorts and kisses GONZO

On behalf of a Frenchie named George, we are making this donation to your organization - his favorite rescue :-) Thank you for all that you do! -Caryn and Zoey (the pup)  ZoZo's Paw

This donation is being made on behalf of Marguerite for her birthday. Happy birthday from her grand puppies, Vinny and Stella!In memory of Edie Belle, a beautiful Frenchie owned by Roxanne Pizano who rescued her. Elizabeth Woessner

A donation made in the name of Gibson. Niki Storr

In memory of our French Bulldogs  Clutch and Axle. Justin Freeborough

In loving memory of our two frenchie boys, Stewie and Louie, who brought love, happiness, and snuggles to each and every day. The Ruleman family.

This donation is in honor of Apricot, a sweet French bulldog. Abra-Ca-Dabra

This donation is made in honor of a rescue dog. Her name is Anna and her owner is Tiffany O'Connell, who lives in Boston. When Tiffany adopted her, her name was Nanna. She is a love and so sweet and I wish her all the best. Karen Fabian xoThis donation is made with love from the Adra family in memory and honor of an amazing French Bulldog named Boomer White. Boomer sparked in us a forever love for the Frenchie. We love him and his family so much! 

In loving memory of the hunk a hunk of burning love Leroy of @lucyandleroy! Matthew Alpert

In memory of Hank Griswold Bird. Trish O'Connell

Rest in peace sweet Mamie. You were loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing you. Charla Hall

In honor/memory of my little 3yr old Frenchie who recently passed. Laura DeVantier 

This is for the living memory of Magnus for pet parents Niki and Sean Cunningham. His sweet face is missed and we can't wait for you to get well! Mariko Rushing

In honor of Henley Bracken. Happy Birthday we love you! Alicanne, Becca and Michael

In Memorial of our angel-frog Batman "Bobby" Haltiwanger. In honor of Romeo and his precious momma, Jamie, whose kindness I will never forget. God bless you, friends. Stephanie Haltiwanger

In honor of Kay Bracken. Happy Birthday we love you! Love, Becca, Alicanne and Michael

An active advocate for animals in general and Frenchies in particular, Teresa was a regular sponsor on FBRN’s foster pages. Her sponsor message was simple, just her name, every month. Even the most unlovely and unlikable fosters were recognized by Teresa. She donated so often that she we came to know her as a true friend.In Memory of Our Friend, Teresa Caudle- This donation is made in Jenny's honor. Jenny was adopted by Kim and Paul in Virginia, and she is so well-loved, she'd like nothing more than other Frenchies to feel the same. XO Suzanne HenryIn honor of Jessica Campbell, we miss you everyday. Love Maureen and Chris Vandevoordt

Following a successful career where she played an instrumental role in the growth of her family’s business, Teresa retired to pursue her passion for raising, training, showing and rescuing animals of all kinds. Teresa had a special affinity for dogs and donkeys. In addition to training and showing her donkeys and mules, Teresa gave much of her time and energy to rescuing dogs. She continued to pursue her passions despite declining health. We will always remember her generous spirit and her concern for the Frenchies of FBRN.

Teresa passed away at peacefully at her home on October 24, 2015. Her final message that she wanted to leave with us all was, “Everyone can do something to save lives. You reap a wonderful feeling in your heart that God bestows on you for doing what you can to help His creatures.” 

-Your friends at FBRN

This donation is in memory of Dr. David and Jill Neidig's precious frenchie, Rachel, who died much too young. JoLynn Thorson

I own a Frenchie and just love the breed so much. Thank you for helping to save the less fortunate Frenchie babies! Megan Estes

In honor of Mike and Nancy Shaw. Lisa and Tad Freeburg

In loving memory of our sweet little Bugsy. Beth Deering

In honor of Millie, Queen of Kisses, from her Bastille Days Milwaukee Krewe


In Memory of Benjamin Graham. Mallory Pearl D'Elia

Frenchie Boyz July 4th flash fundraiser

13 yrs ago today (30 June 03) my little girl Cookie was born. She left us on 4 November 15. I don't have words for how much I miss her everyday. If there is a Heaven Cookie is there with her sisters Oatmeal and Raisin. Russ Talley


In memory of our daughter Jess. It's been 2 years today. We miss you so much. Thinking of you every minute of each day. Love you. Veronica Campbell

Donation total from MN Pet Expo fundraiser. Moochews, LLC

In honor of my Grandmother, Eunice Lucille MacPherson Cunard. She raised me right and taught me to love all beings and animals. She would have had a blast with Trooper and Bailey Pearl. I hope Bailey is able to locate her over the Bridge! Dan Trent

In honor of Lisa Tran. Jasmine Lee

In honor of Lisa Tran. THE BONMOT

Donation in honour of Lisa Tran, who loves frenchies and in celebration of her wedding. Nancy Tran

In memory of my snugglepig Raisin. She was born 14 yrs ago today (7 June 2002). I lost her 6 June 2011 to brain cancer. I miss her every day. Happily, I have her granddaughter, Pumpkin. Russ Talley

So many of us loved Bosco, and we are heartbroken for you, Blair. We will miss her snorting snoring stinky little butt wandering around our desks and hassling us for treats. In honor of Bosco, your friends at Fastly have made a donation to the French Bulldog Rescue Network.


This donation is in memory of the most wonderful Hamilton "Hammy".... You are so loved & missed! Dori & Tim XO

In honor of Anna Soudrette, Heidi Floyd

This gift is in honor of Lu, who gave so much love to K&G, and who received it back from them.

This is from Bucky the Frenchy in honor of National Flappy Jowl Day!

For Maguire:  your friends at Weichert Workforce Mobility in Houston Texas hope this donation brings you good health, happy trails, and many loving days in your forever home.  We also trust you will enjoy many days chasing butterflies, living a happy life full of belly tubs and scratches behind the ears.  Thanks to the efforts our partners at Weichert Realtors Wayne Murray Properties, NC Texas Moving Services, Kyle MacDonnell and of course FBRN, we hope you will be able to sleep in a great big bed for the rest of your life!

In memory of Babette a.k.a Babs a.k.a Mini Doodle. Adopted by her foster parents May 2011 and went to the bridge 5/17/16. You will forever and always hold a place in our hearts little girl. We love you so much! Danelle Hollenbeck

In honor of Ted and Caroline's dog, Tonto. Shirene Hansotia

In honor of my sister Cindy Scanlan's birthday, and her love for French Bulldogs! Joni Lindquist

In memory of Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Mothers Day. Pig Dad, Pumpkin, and Daphne

In memory of Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Mothers Day. Pig Dad, Pumpkin, and Daphne

In honor of my mom, Sue Lee, for all her concern for the dog rescue community and her love for her pups and mine. Happy Mother's Day! Margaux Lee

In honour of Kirsty Bruce, proud and loving owner of frenchies Hudson and Cooper, and newest adoptee Kelp. You will be missed by all.  Michelle Hannah

In honor of Dexter the Frenchie's 5th birthday, we thank you for all the work you do for these amazing pups! Nicole Panebianco

In memory of Sweet Lola. Jon and Suzanne

This is for the April Bad Tags fundraiser + 33 FBRN frenchie tags sold in March. Yay! Cristen :-)

Happy Birthday "Ticker" !!! We love you and miss you! Watch over your new sisters. I love you little guy! David Escobar

In Loving Memory of Sandra Flaherty. From; Radiology Associates of So. FL.

This donation is from funds raised at Pet Fest 2016 by Ruth and Allison Chiger and Kimm Pontiff.

This donation (chai = life) is in memory of Joan Cleveland's beloved Chloe. Sent with love from Bette, Manda & David Kaplan

 In memory of Sandy Flaherty and her Frenchie Love. We’ll miss you forever, your Fur babies, and Mom.

This gift is made is memory of Wade Chamberlain (Sam's cousin) who passed away suddenly this week. Love, Sam and Amanda Wells and family

This donation is made in loving memory of "Macy" Allan. Hillary Twining

In memory of Chico "Little Man." I lost you too soon. Kisses to you in heaven and I would climb to heaven to bring you back. Janet Santiago Bretado

In memory of Sandra Flaherty, lover of French Bulldogs. Donald Tomkinson

In Memory of Sandy Flaherty...May the love you shared always be a blessing! From friends at New Limeco and Acosta Farms

In honor of Izzie's "double-digit" birthday, this donation is made to help those frenchies who need a little extra help and love! Alicia SimpsonIn loving memory of Sandy and her Brutie. Peggy Fricke

For Tripp's 15th birthday!!!. Love Monica, Graham, and Brian Foote

Donation collected during the Pucci and Catana fundraising event in Naples on 3/11/16. 

In memory of my nephew Jason's French bulldog, Kira. April Hakaim

In memory of my sister and brother in law’s beloved Frenchie, Will. JoLynn Thorson

In memory of Luzerne (Eli) whom the Churchill family loved mightily all the days he graced us with his great heart and abundant personality.  

I love Boston Terriers and Frenchies too. All in the family. This is in honor of Murphy, our first Boston, who gave us the love for these dogs. Vicki Haislup

In memory of Mason Reiter. Trudy Ratcliff

In memory of FBRN alum, Bugsy Malone, from his foster mom. He had the greatest family a little rockstar could have. Always proud of his gentle, indomitable spirit. Congrats on your new Heavenly home, Bugs. Tara Turton

Happy 21st Birthday, Oscar! @oscarfrenchienyc  Caitlin Herron

In memory of my Frenchie, Heike. Lynda Hardman

In memory of Jessica Campbell. Kristin Magnanini

Happy Birthday Ricco! Tamara Littrell

In memory of "Clem" Wilson  From: Bonnie Schwartz and Jill Hartmann

In memory of Jeanne Winter. Devin Foley

I  love all you frenchies and marvel at anyone who could give you up! I have two frenchies, Pearl and Moe, who are routing for you! I love y'all so much!! Mary Kaye Chryssicas

In honor of our sweet Bella. With love, Jennifer and Andrew Rutland

We raised this money for FBRN at Coco Bean's first birthday party on Valentine's Day. We are so happy to donate all the funds to you! Much love, Elvis & Coco Bean @elvis_thefrenchbulldog

Celebrating Brandy and Bill Simmons and all the joy they bring to their family and friends! Mimi

In honor of Coco Bean's (Instagram: @elvis_thefrenchbulldog) & Pork Belly's (Instagram: @porkbellythefrenchie) 1st birthday on 2/13/2016. Love, Ruffles and his hoomans - Paul, Missy, Ava and Emma

In honor of Sally Curatola. Colin Hannings

A little gift for the frenchies in rescue. Melanie Houlihan.

In honor of Maggie Hirschberg. Morrie Zimring

In memory of Paul Anthony Rinaldi. Paul Schwach

In memory of Samson, Andrea and Peter's great French Bulldog.  Charlotte and Ed Peed

Five years ago (6 February 2011) I lost my Snugglepig Raisin to brain cancer. It was the worst day of my life. She was only 8. I miss her everyday. Russ Talley

In memory of my Sophie. You will always be in my heart. Rest in peace, my angel. I love you forever. DG

In honor of Rhubarb Victoria. Haley Woods

In honor of sweet Ruby. All of our days were brighter by having you around. You will be dearly missed and Glassdoor will never quite be the same without you. Dawn Lyon

For your babies from mine, Julio & Chiquita. Keep up the good work! Alison Irish

Happy Birthday, Libby! A donation has been made in honor of your birthday. You have such a beautiful heart of compassion. I am grateful for your friendship! Kristin Gaither

Donation in honor of Michael Boczon with Viacom. Elizabeth Mora

I love my Frenchie. Please keep up the great work!!! Thank you. Kim Holy

This donation is being made on behalf of our Frenchie, Scout, who will be celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow. She has bettered our lives, and we would like to give back by hopefully bettering the lives of some deserving Frenchies! Ashley Oster

In memory of Yoda, the sweetest little frenchie. Patricia Nelson

In honor of Clementine Begley who passed suddenly. Diane Rosenbluth

Buster Revel, February 2, 2004 - January 2, 2016 More than a beloved pet. Debby's faithful and loyal companion, best friend and furry son. He was loved and adored.... He will be missed!! 

In appreciation of the Garrison Family; Michael, Christine and Tilly. For your long and continuous support of Ria's RoadKill Jerky. Thank you guys!!! Eden Van

In memory of Boulette, my first Frenchie, my heart dog and patient foster sister to FBRN rescues. Jennifer Rasmussen

Love you guys, thanks for all you do for the Frogs! Amy Rivera

From our frenchie to yours! Happy New Year. Michael Mallazzo

Timothy OToole

In honor of Scottland Jacobson and Mike Arceneaux. Mia M Sundbaum