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2013 In Honor of

In memory of Kim Stevens' P-Beau. Carol Posey and Gayle Privette

In memory of Oatmeal and Raisin on Easter.

This is a donation in memory of our sweet baby Nala! Carly B.

This donation is in memory of Nala. - Anthony B.

For nala baro

In memory of Nala - Laurie S.

In memory of Delores Neil (Toombs) Pepper.

In memory of my precious P-Beau, who graced me with his presence for 13 wonderful years. I love you forever my baby boy! Kim Stevens

In Memory of Evelyn Barletta, beloved mother and grandmother of Lorraine, Vinny, Lorene, and Vinny Jr. Schettino.

In loving memory of Hugo, cherished pup of our dear neighbors Jim and Deborah. We will miss Hugo's quiet whines, his soft purr as he sought our attention, and his fantastic t-shirt collection. Love, the Seraydarians

In memory of Louis from Patty and Clair

In honor of Bones
Vanessa H.

In memory of Boogie Rynd-Rosenbluth, from the memory of Miss Clyde Rosenbluth (and her mom, Laura Rosenbluth)

In memory of Rook Always missed Forever loved

For our sweet Axel. You are missed so very, very much. We will see you at the bridge.....Mom, Dad, Charlotte and Babe

This donation in memory of Axel, Mr. Ziffel. Fostered lovingly by Lisa and Richard Farmer, Troutville, Va.

In Memory of "Bones" who passed away today. RIC-Shannon Jordan he was a sweetheart who stole my heart and I will miss him very much

This donation is to honor the memory of Chloe a beautiful French bulldog whose life with her parents Michelle and Gilbert Rodriguez, was too short but full of love and joy. She was a very special presence in their lives and will be missed but always remembered.

In memory of Cheryl Fowler who passed away in 2012, Carline Fulmer

In memoriam of Peter Pug Crawford- the bestest friend and brother of Beauregard (FBRN Grad 2011). May your snorts welcome us at the Rainbow Bridge

In honor of my adopted best friend Hobs, who was the best thing to ever happen to me. Nomi Seltzer

"Happy Birthday Rachel Brege-- from your Rate Administration team!"

In memory of two great mothers, Oatmeal and Raisin. Russ Talley

In honor of lovely Bella, Kalli's very favorite friend. Soni Boyce

In loving memory of Liberty "Beanie" Bappert. Cory Bappert

In honour of Irish Marie Youngash, whose love for and dedication to this breed makes me smile. Keeli McCarthy 

In memory of Hayden, gone but never forgotten, Jessica



In loving memory of Waldo. He will be missed. For Agustin. From Laura and Kevin

In Honor of Yoohoo, Nala, Wall-E and all the frenchies that need a forever home! Love, Akiko and Daniel Hom

In Honor of Walter. Andrew Miller

Médorine, my best friend for ever! Suzanne



In memory of my snugglepig Raisin who has been gone two and 1/2 years today. I miss her every day. Pig Dad

In Memory of the wonderful Little Pig xoxoxo Marissa DeVito

For Little Pig (and Aya & Ryan)! Jesse Rosenblatt

Donation to celebrate the engagement of Matt Drummond and Kyla Butchko! Two awesome people with huge hearts! With love from, Elena, Geoff, Jakob and Hooch.  

Happy Birthday, Josie Berkshire From Cary

In memory of Max and Teeva. Snuffleups.

In memory of Brutus, who we miss dearly. Susan Lautar 

For the neediest foster Frenchie with love from Nancy Clarke, Mitch Nobler, Maggie and Jack

To honor Kerry & Debra Bonner and their recent marriage!

This donation is in honor of the Rowan Family from Knoxville, TN. They are an example of truly kind-hearted people. Janee Thill 

I met you at the Bryant Park fair, and got to kiss Chester in the Frenchie Kisses all are wonderful. Thanks for what you do! Jen Gowers

In honor of our beloved Frenchie, Toby: Feb. 22, 2005 to Oct. 13, 2013. We love you, always! Lori Dolann

In loving memory of Benny(Cavallo) who Fought Like A Frenchie until the end! Godspeed friend! The Moon Pieds

In honor of Benny from Two French Bulldogs and his family. Melissa Rizzuto

In memory of my best friend Oatmealpig who would have been 12 today. I miss her every day. Pig Dad Mushroom Cookiepig Pumpkin 

For Emily and Yuki, Best Friends Forever. Nancy Weintraub 

For Teeva and Max. Xmas Snuffleups. Thanks, Nance 

In honor of Lindsi, Angus & Eloise. Sarah Scott

In honor of Zeus Prado 1 year birthday on January 6 2013.  Bruce Fitzgerald

In honor of Lola. Teresa Southwick   

In loving memory of Thunder Holloway. Thank you for being an angel in my sister's life. Maconica Sawyer

Love to Stephanie, who loves all dogs but has a special place for Frenchies in her heart! Barbara Butz

In loving memory of Wallace, who filled Stephen, Katherine, and BG's lives with lots of love and laughter. Arlington Animal Clinic



 Merry Christmas Lindsay Revels!!! Julia Woods

In Honor of Elizabeth Morrison, lover of all creatures great and small, especially French Bulldogs, namely Charlotte Rose. Mike Morrison

To FBRN in honor of all the foster moms and dads who give their time, love and energy to Frenchie rescues. John Newhouse

Christmas donation in the name of Linda Hessel. thank you! Bethany Beavers

this donation is in honor of Mrs Helen Byington of Iowa City, IA Randall Beavers

 In honor of Donna Guidi, a wonderful example of service to the rescue network from Sue & Joe

In memory of Oatmeal and Raisin on New Yrs Eve. Cookie, PigDad, and Mushroom miss you every day. Russ Talley

This donation is made in honor of Phil Aftuck, in recognition of his passion for this wonderful cause. KELLY ALEXANDER

In loving memory of Bella, beloved French Bulldog of Kim Stevens.  Gayle Privette and Carol Posey.

In loving memory of Porthos, the Handsome Prince. David Davids



In Memory of "Nala"... for Carly, Anthony & "Tito" Baro

For Nala and our Max.With Love.

This donation is in honor of Kate and Frank Cipriano for their first baby shower. They have a handsome Frenchie named Bruno Ravioli.

This donation is in loving memory of Nala and her amazing family from fellow FBRN graduate Tater Tot. For his anger endures but for a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5.

In memory of Yoey and Sam. We miss your valentine’s kisses!

In honor of Henry Samet, our Frenchie who was taken too soon. We love and miss you. 
Brian, Melanie, Shiloh, Barney, and Ferbie

In Honor of Gerald Rosenbluth & In Memory of his beloved Boogie
Leila E S.

This donation was made in honor of Henry Samet, our Frenchie who was taken
too soon. We love and miss you.
Brian, Melanie, Shiloh, Barney, and Ferbie

georgeIn honor of Bouncing Bob Auerbach Fenton, who ruled Brooklyn and later traveled by Queen Mary to take London by storm. We hope this donation helps connect another beloved Frenchie to their true love family & brings half the joy to the lives of others that Bob did for us. He will be dearly missed. 

In memory of Norma Jean. 
Mary Ann R


For Lauren and Bryan. In memory of Perry Pierre Place - Remembered and loved, always.

In memory of my snugglepig Raisin who has been gone two years today. I miss her every day. Pig Dad

In Loving Memory of Winston the Pug, beloved companion of Stephen Miller & Robert Smith. R.I.P. little man and suffer no more. I love you Steph & Rob. Josie Berkshire

In memory of my little frenchie Chloe, who is missed everyday by her mom, dad, fur brother & sister. We are so fortunate to have had you in our lives, even if it was not long enough. We cherish everyday we had together & our memories will never fade. We miss you dearly. May you rest in peace our beloved Chloe, we love you.  Michelle, gilbert, Riley & Lulu

n memory of Thibault (Tbo), May 1, 2002 - May 21, 2013. May my fur-child be peaceful on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I will carry you in my heart forever. Cynthis White

In memory of the best friend I have ever had, Oatmealpig. She has been gone 1 year today. If more people were like Oatmeal the world would be a better place. Pig Dad

n honor of Stephen Miller's birthday from Josie B & Cary C

In memory of Jane Carpenter of Hillsville, Virginia. Christopher Marshburn

In memory of Thibault (Tbo), May 1, 2002 - May 21, 2013. May my fur-child be peaceful on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I will carry you in my heart forever.  Cynthia White

 In honor of my sister's beloved Frenchie, Maggie.  Kellie Hoyle


Max, we love and miss you so much. You brought joy to our home. We hope the five years you spent at your forever home in Maine gave you the same amount of happiness that you gave to Anne and I. Max, you will never be forgotten.   Sincerely, Jim and Anne


In loving memory of Little Pig. You were our life & we are now unsure how to go on. Thank you for the joy you brought us. You were a grumpy, lazy, noisy, stubborn creature, but we wouldn't have changed a thing about you. You were perfect. oxox Mum & Dad

This is a wedding celebration donation for Kerry and Deborah Bonner! Connie Noble

In Honor of Oliver. Elizabeth Chinian

Thanks to The FBRN for our wonderful FBRN grads, Awesome and Calamine. And in memory of our first baby Rascal and his mate Darla.

In memory of Oliver.  Bobo to my friend Jenny Seeche. Cheryl Lekousi 

In memory of Hugo Kosinar, a very special patient and friend of Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital.

In memory of Carat, who always made us smile. -The Alhadeffs

For the FBRN Frenchies in loving memory of our 3 Frenchies, Jules, Francois and Pia (FBRN Graduate) Phil and Angela Howort

In memory of my Jack. William Minshew

Donating in Aji's memory. She recently passed and we miss her terribly. Glad to see the wonderful work you are doing. She was a rescue but not from your organization. Denise Boudreau

In memory of sweet Hunk. Michael Fenswick

In Memory of Bugsy the special pal of Pat McFarland and Deb. Natalie Mickelson

Hope this helps Hera, Weez and Stitch Stewart.

Much love and appreciation to the lovely Celeste & Azul Hope. Callie Richmond

In memory of sweet Ziva (FBRN Grad Muffin) Karina Davis

We didn't win any items in the auction but this is on behalf of Quiche Lorraine to help her fellow Frenchies. Thank You FBRN for all the work you do. XO Joe Reis & Quiche Lorraine

In Memory of Chester, adopted through FBRN and always in our hearts. William Nuffer

In memory of our FBRN foster Celine. Monica Bielski Boris

In honor of Fern Marie. Jeremiah Avery

This donation is made in Honor of LUKE SPENCER DOCKERY - a true lover of Frenchies! He wishes all Frenchies a long and healthy life with loving families, just like his family is. Olivia Keuten

This is in memory of my two beloved Frenchiles, Achilles 1999-2002 and Nox 2001 - October 2013. I miss the both of you and will love you forever. Wendy Corboy

In memory of Oatmeal and Raisin on Thanksgiving. Russ Talley

In Memory of Frank. Mary Lou Splain

You will be missed little Fonzy! Yukie, thank you for opening up your heart and home to this little guy. - Love, Tina, Kaoru, Zoe, Kailee, Peaches & Nick

This donation is in HONOR of Carla, Zoe, Matt & Michael Salvucci-Curley, to thank them for all they do for Frenchies and all animals. Thank you!

For Marion from Paige in memory of Creamy.

This donation is in honor of Eddie (French Bulldog) and his most favorite human, Nikki James.

In honor of our FBRN grads Rudy and Lucy who bring joy and love into our lives. Nancy and Dale

This donation in the name of Jim and Nicole Ciccaglione. Andrew Ciccaglione

This donation is being made in the name of Molly Anne Fillmore. Karen Kelly

My beloved Frenchie, Hamlet, turned 8 years old today. Although it's his birthday, we decided to give FBRN a gift! Trenholm Writing & Consulting


2012 In Honor of

In loving memory of Steph and Rob’s Pug “Winston”. I didn’t know you very well, but know you were deeply loved and will be deeply missed. Donna Cron

In honor of Norma Jean.
Natasha B.

In honor of our ‘Olive Juice’ who sadly had to go to sleep after repeated spinal issues, we want to help Ralphie in any way we can! Love, Brittany David & Matilda (our new lovely frenchie)

donation in honor of Sybhan by Linda and Michael Sheimo

I am making this donation in memory of my Grandmother Mary Louise Bullock. She was a longtime french bulldog owner and breeder.

Yoda - the best dog in the whole world. We miss you so much buddy.

This donation is made by Bella Ridge French Bulldogs, Dr. David and Jill Neidig in support of all of the wonderful work you do to give every French Bulldog a chance for a wonderful life, as they all so richly deserve. Keep up the great work.

This donation is in memory of my mom, Charlotte Adkins & her dog Wally. They both died in a house fire 5 years ago on January 3rd, 2008. Mom’s passion was her dog and any other stray dog or cat. RIP mom & Wally

For Carolyn Bush from Brian Banks

In honor of Oatmeal and Raisin. My first Christmas without my Best Beige Pig...

In honor of Karen and Paul Galindo. Happy Holidays!

In honor of all the frenchies and friends needing help, love and homes. Your friends, Alyson, Justin & Fiona

In honor of Andrea and her “little girl” Bella. Merry Christmas to the FBRN!

In honor of John and Inga Modzelewski.

In memory of Monte


In honor of Helen Byington

In honor of
Phil and Angela Howort
who loved their frenchies
and make sure other frenchies get homes as good as theirs!

To celebrate the holiday season - this gift is being made in the name of Stacy Thrailkill

This is a Christmas donation in honor of Ali Ross.

for the #26 acts of kindness, per Ann Curry and the people in Newtown. xoxo, Heidi, Glenn, Ella and Owen Gray

Making this donation to secret santa in memory of Teeva and Max.

For the last 5 years we’ve had our Frenchie Stella in our lives. She puts smiles on our faces every single day. We hope this donation can go towards caring and rehabilitating so many Frenchies in need so they too can provide as much joy to other peoples lives, just like Stella has done for us. Keep doing all of the amazing things you’re doing for these dogs. They deserve it! Jess, Adam, Stella, and little brother Jameson

Donation made in honor of Teri Ray. She is a FBRN foster mom and I know how much this organization means to her. Merry Christmas!

In honor of Victor and Hugo

This a donation in Newman’s name with love from his Secret Santa

For the frenchies of FBRN-may you all find your forever homes in 2013. From The Harigs including our Joe (formerly Joba),FBRN grad from 2008.

This gift is in honor of Jacqui and Joel Bean, great friends and caretakers of Napoleon.

For Andy Roy

In Honor of Helen Byington for Christmas. To whichever needy frog needs it the most. Merry Christmas!

Donation made in honor of Meghan Boyd, Rocky and Lola! Cheers to you! From Andrea Miller

In honor of Marie and her “girl” Sophie. Merry Christmas! 

In memory of my best friend Oatmeal. I can’t believe it has been six months. Pig Dad

A Christmas donation in honor of “Aunt” Linda Hessel. Merry Christmas.

Our deepest condolences to James In loving Memory of Chacha 11-26-12 Josie Berkshire & Donna Cron

In memory of Sharon Trotter. A true French Bulldog lover and a kind person.

Happy Thanksgiving to Oatey and Raisin. It won’t be the same without you. Pig Dad, Pumpy, Cookie, Roxie, and Mushroom

In Memory of BuBess, Shaka and Mvubu.. our beloved Frenchies!

Thank you to Susan Caton of Maxime French Bulldogs for her kindness.

In Loving Memory of Cupcake, FBRN graduate and beloved companion of FBRN Volunteer Karl & his wife Laurie. Love & Hugs, From your FBRN Fund-raising Friends


Jimmy was a very spunky little Frenchie who fought hard for quality of life. He was paralyzed and incontinent for eight of his ten years but had tremendous joie de vivre! He was a very special dog.

Ken, Andy & Fanny Irene -- Congratulations on your marriage! Love, Laurie, Marcelle, Patricia & suzie

This donation is in honour of Alex Eaton’s 50th Birthday.

In appreciation of Lindsay Revels and all who work tirelessly for FBRN.

In memory of my daughter, Cheril Lyn Fowler. Her two French Bulldogs were the light of her life, Jeri-Lyn Wells

A donation made in honor of Robert Thornton. He is not forgotten and is loved and missed by many. Our Love of French Bulldogs runs deep in our family and we hope this donation helps a Frenchie find the forever home they deserve. Kendra Bache, and Magan Hebert

From The Backyard Barkery, In loving memory of Bruce Wayne.

Thank you to all the donors at Bill’s Wonderland in NJ 

Please put memorial message: George, this donation is in your honor for touching so many people in your life. Thank you, Abuela Billie

For Bubeleh, in memory of Sophie T. Dog.

In Memory of Zion From Pumpkin, Cookie, and Roxie.

In memoriy of Bedu.
Matt Henson
Rachel Ellen Cuevas

In memory for French bulldog Zion

In honor of Stephanie McNutt for helping me to save a dog wandering in the street in Maryland. Thank you for the help you provide to not just French Bulldogs, but to all dogs in need. Michele Webb

In Memory of George.

I read the story about Zion. Thanks for all you do for such wonderful dogs. I can’t believe someone could treat a little Frenchie like that.


Gilbert, we will dearly miss your comical ways and those sweet frenchie kisses.

In memory of beautiful little Zion who never had a chance of experiencing love except in his final hours. RIP sweet boy. Theresa, Suki & Bijou

In memory of Zion. God speed little one, to the Rainbow Bridge. I know that a good soul will take you soon and love you forever. The Fawzi family

To my good friend MINDY SIDLO. She recently lost her heart “JASPER” AS A YOUNG DOG, she witnessed him being hit by a car and without thought for herself, she gathered him and took him to the vet. Paid all expenses. He lived to be 15 years old. He was not a FRENCHIE, but this is a matter of the heart. RIP “BIG UGLY YELLOW” jOSIE BERKSHIRE

In memory of Zion. May we be able to save others in your honor, sweet boy. 


In Loving Memory of George, a true friend. You will be greatly missed and remembered fondly with a smile. Michelle

In loving memory of a very special dog, “ROOK” . He was the heart dog of DONNA CRON. RIP ROOKIE, I LOVED YOU AS WELL
Josie Berkshire

In Memory of Josephine Curatola, who gave me so many joyful moments. She will always be my “Josey in the sky with diamonds”.

In memory of Gilbert by Nick & Angela

In memory of Willow, by McKenzie

In loving memory of Aria, my dearest companion who will always be in my heart and thoughts.

Kimberly, A donation has been made in your honor. Diane

In memory of Josephine. Loved and cherished by Sally and John Curatola. Rest in peace, beautiful Empress. Candi Nilsson

For Oatmeal and Raisin The pig family misses you every day

In memory of Vito, who passed away yesterday in his Mother’s arms. May this donation help some little Frenchies find loving arms of their own.

Stephanie H.

In Loving Memory of Wilbur Finn. A beautiful friend who will always be with his owner, in his heart. A lover of life, food, and other flat nosed dogs. He will always be remembered.

In memory of Beatrice from Allen Weinberg & Derek Kowata

This contribution is in memory of Cheril Fowler. I work for ACES Power Marketing and Cheril and I were business associates for many years. It was a pleasure working with her.

In Loving Memory of Josephine, Beloved Companion of FBRN Volunteer Sally. Love & Hugs, From your FBRN Fund-raising Friends

Happy Birthday Catina!!
Love, Paulette & JP Vandenbrande

In Honor of my one and only, Toulouse, on our 3rd Adoptiversary together ~ life begins and ends with him, and I can’t imagine it without him!!

In memory of Churchill.
Peter L.

Please accept another donation, in memory of my sweet Ruby (Cappuccino)to help with the newbies at FBRN. Our house is not a home without her.

In memory of Jess Vacek’s frenchie “Edgar” from Alison Lord

Donation made in memory of our recently deceased French Bulldog, Milo Adenan.

In memory of our recently deceased French Bulldog, Milo Adenan.


In Loving Memory of Chino McGivern, a noble dog with a heart of gold.

In memory of Pudge, FBRN rescue who passed away yesterday. Love and strength to Danelle and all his adoptive family. x

In Loving Memory of Opus. You are dearly missed every day.

In memory of Pudge, FBRN rescue who passed away yesterday. Love and strength to Danelle and all his adoptive family. x

In loving memory of Smudge

In memory of Pudge. Thanks to wonderful people like Danelle for giving these precious piggies lots of love in their final days. I will always remember your sweet smooshie face with a smile in my heart.

In memory of Pudge.

In Memory of Doocee Grebe With love, Maria, Pam, Diane, Kristin & Barth

In memory of Raisinpig who would have been 10 today. Happy Birthday Stripey!

In honour of Max, the monkey of the West End, and Carolyn, his devoted human companion. Big kiss to you both!

Donation as a “thank you” to Carlo Almendral of

M. Pauline S.

In memory of Pablo--we love & miss you & hope you find a great home soon! And thank you to everyone at FBRN who is taking care of him!

Happy 30th Birthday, Sara! Love Amy and Matt

Happy Birthday Teresa! 05/01/1981 from SWT

This is a one-time only donation in memory of Robert Grant Thompson, who was a French Bulldog owner.

In honor of King Louis. For Cori & E.B. Vallone.

In honor of Jenny Farrell. On behalf of PSAV, thank you for participating in the recent research study.

This multiple of 18 (meaning “life” in Judaism) is a mere drop in the bottomless FBRN bucket. But this drop is for that little heart thieving Monkey, Agnes!

In memory of Allie, Judy’s heart dog.
Katherine Ghiselin 

In honor of Spencer.
Bethany Mullin 

In honor of my rescue Frenchie, Gaston.

Elaine Feinstein 

In honor of Gigi Merica Stover, beloved member of my sister’s family. Dear Gigi, your family became fosterers through FBRN and you helped provide a way station to other homeless Frenchies. That’s a wonderful legacy for a little dog. You were loved and are missed.
Robin Merica 


In loving memory of a true character - Eddie the Bulldog, Lucy’s best buddy and love. You will be missed and always remembered. The white “E” on Lucy’s chest will always remind us.
Nick, Courtney and Lucy 

In honor of our sweet little Frenchie that just passed away in December. We adopted her through the Montana FBRN contact 6 1/2 years ago, Sunday’s Child of Piney Creek - or Sunny. She was the sweetest most lovable little girl and we miss her terribly. We hope to adopt another FBRN frenchie in the future.
xo Becky & Nick

In memory of Maggie.
Dana Worland 

In memory of Lucy, CH Devine’s Nothing
Compares 2 U
Derek Kowata & Allen Weinberg

In memory of Noah Wetzel. I never got to meet you, but I know how much you were loved.

In loving memory of Spencer. Run free at the rainbow bridge.
Love, Maddie and Willie

In memory of Tiny Tim. And thanks to his wonderful foster families.
Jan Wilcutt 

In memory of Spencer Mardis. We will miss you and your one floppy ear.
Caroline Mangam 

In honor of our neighbor Susie’s french bulldog named Spencer. Susie is active in the french bulldog rescue network (fostering dogs & working at events). Susie’s love for frenchies is unmatched and we feel so sorry for her sudden loss.
Bethany Mullin 

In honor of my little sister Susie, who gives so much of herself to her Frenchies and the rescue frogs at FBRN.

In Memory of her “Frog”, Spencer, who we lost today. We will miss him, his frenchie smile, and his trademark floppy ear so much.
Michelle St. Pierre 

In Memory of Spencer. My first true love and the sweetest companion I’ll ever know. You left this world too soon. I will miss your floppy ear, your caring eyes, and your gentle kisses. Run at the Rainbow Bridge, my Love...see you again.
Love, Mommy

In memory of my Sweetest Sunshine, an English Bulldog
Jan.1995 - Dec. 2007
Becky L. Wirta 

In honor of Dorn’s Louis “Louie” Lebeau. Louie was only 3-1/2 and was loved dearly.
Jeffrey Dorn 

To Christy. Hope all is well with you and we look forward to speaking with you more in the new year :) Have a wonderful holiday!
Scott (of Christy and Pocket)

In memory of Celeste.
Derek Kowata & Allen Weinberg 

In Honor of Bree, Miles, Maeve, the babe soon to be, Wilbur, and Jet.
From your Dog Tired Family

From our French Bulldog Tabby, in memory of her brothers Gunther and Oscar. 

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Traeger
From Wade, Newman and Breezie

In memory of Shiloh.
Derek Kowata & Allen Weinberg

In honor of Aunt Linda Hessel.
Bethany Beavers