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In Memory of Baron Shrum

baronshrum1.jpgOn May 23 our precious Baron joined his lifetime mate Belle in doggie heaven.  Belle left us on Feb 2 of this year.  We adopted them both in April of 2002 from the FBRN and it has been a very fulfilling 11 years.  Belle was the little angel and Baron was the little demon.  Over the years he has chewed the nose pieces off my husband's glasses, destroyed many shower curtain liners, pulled the water line loose from the toilet and flooded the house with 3,000 gallons of water, pulled part of a bush though the doggie door, torn the vent off the dryer and destroyed it, torn the back out of the patio chair with his multiple attempts to drag it through the doggie door (he never made it but never stopped trying).  There are many other such escapades he did, too many to mention.  He has left his mark on our house and our hearts and we miss him and Belle every day. He was able to go to the lake with us before his health started to fail and would stand at the bottom of the steps waiting for me to carry him up. Little did we know how soon it would be that he would be taken from us. We will be forever grateful to FBRN for allowing us to be a part of two very special Frenchies lives. We are better people for it. 

Ray and Teresa Shrum