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In Memory of Hudson Bluth Aquinde

MEMORIALHudson001.jpgHudson was my best hello and my hardest goodbye. He was the most loving, playful, and caring dog I could have ever asked for. Sadly, in March of 2012, he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive, incurable cancer. At the time of diagnosis, he was given six months, but he was such a fighter. After three different chemo protocols and a few surgeries, Hudson sadly passed on Mother's Day of 2013. He survived a year and almost three months with this nasty disease. Only 10% of dogs with this cancer make it past a year, and my Hudson was so strong, loving, and happy throughout his entire battle. After it spread from his throat, to his spleen, to his liver, to his lungs, and then to his skin, Hudson passed peacefully at home, with my mother and me by his side, telling him how much he means to us and how we would always love him. Not a second goes by when I don't think of him. He was my first dog and the love of my life, and although I will always miss him dearly, my heart is fuller for having had him in my life for almost 8 years. Rest in peace, my sweet boy. You are upstairs, running free and playing with other fur angels. Mommy will always miss and love you.