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In Memory of Rolla

MEMORIALRolla001.jpgremember fondly the first day I met you. I went to pick you up on July 19, 2008, from a vet who worked at a local animal shelter where you had been left after being found on the street. You were such a little chunk. You were my first foster and from the look and smell of you, I knew I had my work cut out for me. And so our journey together began. You were to be with me until you were ready for your forever home, but I ended up being your forever home. I remember having to pick you up and put you in the car on that first day. You were not a fan of car rides back then, but it eventually became one of your favorite things. You even had your own car seat so you could see out the window. I named you Rolla, but that would not be the name you grew to know.


You had the cutest chunky rolls on your body. I would always grab your chunky rolls and say, “I am gonna get your chunkies”. And somehow that stuck and so your name became Chunkies. My friends thought I was nuts for taking you in and thought I was in for heartbreak because of all your medical issues. Vets said you only had a short time left, but we proved them all wrong. I had you almost five years and not once did I ever give up on you. There were too many things you needed to experience. We sang songs and danced, well I sang to you, but it always made you wiggle waggle on your back end. We went on road trips to the Ozarks or to visit family. We attended rescue events, where you were always the best kisser in the French Kisses booth and you even won honorable mention in a costume contest. Everywhere we went people fell in love with you. You touched so many hearts, but you left a permanent paw print on mine. You were my chunky girl and just know that if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.