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In Memory of Bamboo


On April 11, 2010 little Bamboo accepted us as his forever family and on November 18, 2014 he left us a happy, loved (and possibly a little spoiled) Frenchie.  What he did not know is that he gave us so much more than we could ever give him.  Over the four and a half years we had him we saw him go from a tentative dog with some separation anxiety from his abandonment to one that was playful, confident and secure.  He was a handsome little fellow that constantly got attention and admiration from strangers during his walks in San Francisco and later downtown LA.  
We will miss your snorts, snores, and wee wee scratches; the jingle of your collar, your zoomies down the hall, those playful little pounces and chewing on your favorite Nylabone.   Most of all we will miss you between us always wanting to be the center of attention and that beautiful little face of yours waking us up in the morning.  We never really knew how old you were, but you were always our little boy and we were so lucky to make the last years of your life your best.  We love you Boo Boo.
Brandon & Mark