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In Memory of Bowie


I would like to honor my Bubbie French bulldog named Bowie. Bowie suffered from seizures. Because of his smooshy face he would aspirate suliva or vomit during a seizure causing him to get aspirated pneumonia. Bowie would have a seizure about every 3-5 weeks and my heart would stop every time worrying that he would suffocate. I did and tried everything to try and fix him and stop him having seizures, anything from feeding him a raw diet to herbs and medication. Bowie ended up having 2 over night stays at a vet recovering from pneumonia. Unfortunately the 3rd time resulted in his pneumonia developing into pulmonary edema. 8 hrs after Bowie was admitted to the vet, after a hard fight, his lungs collapsed and he suddenly passed away without me being able to say goodbye. He was only 3 years old, his life was cut way to short. I loved him so very much and wish to honor him by helping other precious Frenchies that need help in his name.


Tracy Leshae