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In Memory of Roddy



I’m very sad to report that my best friend Roddy passed away after battling kidney

disease for several weeks.

Roddy was a silly silly dude who thoroughly enjoyed life and brought me immense

joy and happiness. Losing him was heart-breaking and I will miss him dearly, but

I feel so grateful to have had him in my life. His clowning around and silly antics

made the whole world around him laugh hysterically and he was always ready to

cheer me up when I needed cheering. He had mastered the art of lounging and

made it his mission to help the rest of us chill out with him.

Roddy was a very special little guy with special needs and a big big personality.

He was truly unique and his sense of humor made him friends wherever he went.

He was the most popular dog at the vet’s office. He’d have folks coming to greet

him that even I hadn’t met, but of course Roddy was already best pals with. And

everyone in my building knew exactly who he was – I’m just known as Roddy’s

mom . After he passed, one of his biggest fans noted that he was one in a million.

I really admired his ability to get through the tough times with humor and ease. He

truly never let any of his health problems get him down. He loved making fun out

of the most mundane circumstances, like jumping in a box, nestling into a stack of

discarded packing papers, turning an empty drawer into a bed, or plopping himself

into my half-packed suitcase. Lounging and clowning were his absolute favorite

things, he did them well and often! I will always love him and will never forget the

infinite joy he brought me, he’s with me every day and I know he lives in the hearts

of many others too.

Mandy Miller