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In Memory of Yoshi Magder-Socek (a.k.a Yoshi the Mini Frenchie


Yoshi was a tiny Frenchie with a huge personality.  While many people would shy away from adopting the runt of a litter, when we saw him at 12 weeks old, it was love at first sight and we knew that we were the ones that were meant to give him his fur-ever home. 


At almost a year old, he was less than 13 pounds and with his baby face and his sweet eyes, we called him our permanent puppy.  He was our sweet baby boy, our little man and the light of our lives. 


Although he seemed healthy and happy, we found out that he had a liver shunt, which was preventing his normal growth development.  Some shunts can be easily corrected but unfortunately, his was intrahepatic (extremely rare in small dogs) and required a very delicate and complicated surgery that most vets are not able to preform.  Without surgery, he could not have a long and healthy life so we drove 5 hours away to take him to a veterinary hospital that could preform the surgery.  Yoshi was a strong little boy and he survived a 4.5 hour surgery.  We were able to visit him at the hospital afterwards and he seemed to be in good spirits but less than 10 hours later, he suddenly passed away.  It was May 2, 2014 and just one week before his first birthday.  Our world was instantaneously shattered.


The sudden passing of our little angel was shocking, devastating and heartbreaking to the core.  Words cannot describe how much he was loved and how much he is missed. It feels like the tears are endless.  The one shining star has been the way in which his family, friends and the Instagram community has rallied around us with an overwhelming outpouring of love and support.   Our Yoshi touched so many lives (both those that met him and those that simply followed his life online) and we’re so happy that the world got to share his inner sweetness with us.  We were and are so incredibly proud to be his parents!


We will always miss his adorable little face and the way he looked at me to make sure his mommy was always nearby, the sound of his tiny feet on the floor, his perfect lasting sleepy snuggles, his heart-shaped nose and his little snorts, his occasional gremlin antics or the times he would wear his crazy pants, the way he tormented his sister Suki the Westie, his smart and beautiful mind, the way he kissed his Daddy’s face, the way he adored (and humped) his litter brother Chunk, the light in his eyes at the mention of a car ride, the way he licked his lips at the sight of a baby carrot, his peacekeeper skills at bully meet-ups and every other amazing thing that made him our Yoshi.  He was a very special puppy.


He will be forever in our hearts and a part of our souls.


We will love you always little Yoshi…


Love:  Mommy, Daddy and Suki

Miami, Florida