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In Memory of Fifi


We adopted FiFi at the age of 4 years old from FBRN in June of 2011.  This little girl brought so much happiness and joy not only to our lives, but those that followed her on her Facebook page too.  She loved to go for long walks, sitting in the window watching the squirrels and sitting by the koi pond getting some sun.  Every morning she would go get her blue rubber ball and take it in the living room to play with it before breakfast.  She did this every single morning!  She even got to go on three trips to Chicago where she was treated like royalty in a hotel suite.  She would walk down Michigan Avenue strutting her stuff and loved to visit Tails In The City to buy some new outfits and toys that she slaughtered immediately when we got back to the hotel.  She loved to ride in the Jeep to Culvers to natch some yummy french fries. FiFi spend 7 Frenchabulous years with us until the end when her encephalitis took her from us on March 24, 2018.  She will be forever in our hearts......