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In Memory of Roxiepig


17 July 03 – 16 June 17

Roxiepig was my first Frenchie. She looked like an alien with her huge eyes and ears.  I’m fairly certain that she was a Frenchie Pug and we realized it about two days after purchasing her as a puppy. We didn’t care what she was. We were already attached. She was lonely so we got a friend for her, then another, then another…Roxie is the reason I have loved all my Frenchies. A quick trip to the vet for a manicure turned into the one of the visits with which I’ve become all too familiar. I don’t feel like I had enough time to say goodbye. I hope we gave Roxiepig a good life because she made mine much happier and it is because of her I’ve gotten to know great all Frenchies are. I hope there really is a Rainbow Bridge! 

Russ Talley