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In Memory of Sugar


We were blessed to be selected by FBRN as Sugar's (Alaska 2013) forever home in Oct 2013. Our last kid had just left home and I needed something to cuddle and take care of. Little did I know that she was the one taking care of me instead of the other way around. Sugar was clowny and full of energy. Everyone who met her loved her.

In October 2016, we took her in for an ultrasound to try to find the root cause of her chronic UTIs. Our vet discovered she had a tumor on her liver and we were referred to Ohio State University's Vet Oncology department. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma which is a fast spreading and relentless cancer in her liver. After surgery and chemotherapy, they told us we'd have maybe 6-8 months with her.  Our little pistol Pete fought for a good 15 months and really only hadn't been well this last month. I can't say enough good things about OSU and the care they provided. We feel like they gave us the extra time with her through their care and treatment.

In her last 6 months, we moved out to the country and expanded our pack to include 2 more dogs, my parents and brother, all of which adored her. She romped and stomped and ran her tushie off on our 5 acres. She really was so happy in her last days. But more than that, she has enriched our lives and brought joy to every day. My little Velcro baby kept my lap warm and made us smile. We will miss her so much!

Deidre Slifko