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In Memory of Po


I rescued Poe through FBRN in 2011, he was known as the resident bad boy; having been moved around so many times, I was chosen to be his final forever home. In his short life he had been in 9 homes already; I'm not sure if it was because of his scowl, his farts, or his muscles, but he hadn't found his person yet. Shannon helped pick me as his person. 

I was lucky to spend 8 years with Poe. We moved from the Bay Area to Long Beach and he made many friends along the way. He was featured on Buzzfeed, as an enamel pin, and even made a few dog friends over the years; although he preferred me or my friends.
In July, at 14, Poe decided to go join his other favorite FBRN Grump, Nan, over the rainbow bridge. May they be scowling at each other from across the couch wherever they are.
Thank you FBRN for all that you do. I was more than lucky to be Poe's person and I'll miss him everyday.