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In Memory of Chanel


It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Chanel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/24/19.  The incredible pain in my heart equals the intensity of the joy I felt when her foster mom called me back in 2009 to tell me I had been selected to be her forever mom - way before frenchies were cool.  I felt like I had won the lottery.  And believe me, I did.  She was incredible.  She was stubborn and hard headed but so sweet and loving to her people.  She loved us with all of her heart...and loved her sister Roxy just a little more. She was the most beautiful frenchie I have ever seen.  She had the best name.  She loved children.  We are so glad she got to meet our son, Karl.  I know she is running free over the Rainbow Bridge with Roxy.  Fly high, Nel Bel, Porky Pig, Chanaynay, Nellie, Nellie Bell, Chanel.  We will hold you safe in our hearts forever. Krista Kaiser