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In Memory of Mani



My heart skipped a beat

Mani crossed the rainbow bridge 

She was the love of my life.

She showed me what unconditionnal love really is.

She was my heartbeat

She was constantly besides me.

It was always her and me.

For 7 (only) years.

Everywhere I look now she’s not.

It’s too much to feel and to comprehend.

I know some day i’ll be able to remember the good times and not cry

But for now it feels like there’s a really deep sea of sadness moving through me.

I will forever cherish her and what she brought to my life.

I used to sing her “ you are my sunshine “ and I sang it to her when she passed.

My eternal sunshine.

My heart skipped a beat and it will never beat the same way again.


Perrine Marais