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In Memory of Pinot


 Dear Pinot,

You were such a good boy.  Thank you for the love and wonderful moments.  Our lives are better for having shared them with you.  
You taught us so much.  You were proud, loving, loyal, cheeky - a core part of us and our family.  You were the best man at our wedding.  You guarded our baby girl and decided that you would be her protector.  She took her first steps because of you.  When, not even two years old, she grabbed your leash and walked you down the streets of San Francisco, we could tell you were so proud and happy.  We were too.
When we think of what it means to live a life that makes everyone around you better off, we think of you.  We will always honor and love you.  
Pinot, you were such a good, good boy.
Tom, John, Ryan and Dusty