Date posted: 8/25/18
Location: CT

Chunky monkey Dante was surrendered to FBRN because he was not a fan of the toddler in his home. Toddler aside, poor Dante seems to be a troubled little soul. He feels compelled to protect his people, lunging at strangers on the street. When he arrived in his foster home, Dante became distraught whenever his foster parents left him alone, and he refused to eat.

As if it weren't difficult enough being so uncomfortable in his own skin, Dante is also physically uncomfortable. His back is bumpy, and he licks his paws until they bleed. He has difficulty breathing - snoring and gurgling even when he is sitting up. On the flip side, he is remarkably agile for a Frenchie of his considerable size (35 lbs.) Foster mom reports that he can hop up onto her bed, which is over 3 feet high, and bounds up the stairs two at a time.

We have determined that the best environment for Dante right now is with an experienced trainer who can help him to decompress and teach him that he doesn't have to be so anxious and defensive all the time. He also needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian to see if simple weight loss will be enough to ease his breathing, or if we need to take more drastic measures.

Can you spare a few bucks to help get Dante started on the road to being a healthier, happier Frenchie? Just click on the link and make a sponsorship donation. You can even leave a little note to let him know that you are in his corner. Thank you!


Good luck, Dante! Paul Clark

Hang in there Dante! Mathew Wisner

Hoping Dante gets the help & home he needs. Brittany Roe

Jennifer Nolan

Just wanted to send you a lot of positive energy and a little something for your piggy bank. Ask your hoomins to see if you like playing with tug toys. Never met a Frenchie that didn’t like playing tug! Melody Szadkowski

Dante (aka Fred) Dee Dee sent you a lil something for a new toy! I know you will be in a fun, safe loving home soon.

A little something for Dante, his personality is the same as out little girl CeeCee. Gregory Sorbello

Dante, I know its rough buddy but things will be okay You are so cute. I wonder if your licking is anxiety or just yeasty toes You know the licking only makes the yeastie beasties worse but my little sweet it will be ok! Thinking of you. Amy Ritter