Location: SE Ontario, Canada

Manny the pirate-patch scallywag is in search of treasure: a forever family! Manny came to FBRN after he snapped at his former owners’ new baby (fortunately there was no contact). Since then, Manny has been learning to be a good little sailor and is in search of a strong pack leader in a home without small children.

This is what Manny likes: Sleeping, hanging with his people, going on short walks to say hi to all the people in the neighborhood, getting held like a baby. He's just a dreamboat with his people, and his foster family thinks the world of him. 

Aside from  Mega-Esophagus (Mega-E), Manny is in good health. Mega-E is a condition where the esophagus is enlarged or stretched and cannot move food to the stomach as it should. Dogs often regurgitate food before it hits their stomach and can have problems keeping a healthy weight. Luckily his foster home has figured out a good combination of food (that has also resolved his mild allergies!), and use of a bailey chair. The bailey chair helps to keep him upright while he eats so gravity will move food down to his stomach. Manny is kept upright for 15 to 20 minutes after he eats to make sure he doesn’t regurgitate. Manny will need a home that is familiar with Mega-E or is willing to educate themselves about this condition. It’s also important that he is not allowed to get too excited as that can also cause regurgitation.

Manny’s mild allergies are kept under control with a grain-free diet and regular ear cleanings. He had back surgery when he was 1.5, but has fully recovered.

Because he was surrendered due to snapping at a baby, Manny would not do well in a home with young children. Younger children would also likely be too exciting for him and exacerbate his Mega-E, although he has met younger children and has been just fine with them. A home with children over 12 would likely be best for Manny.

Manny likes to be a lone pirate and does not like cats or dogs. After extremely slow introductions, he has been able to co-habitat with his foster brother, but will not give the other dog attention or share food or toys. Manny has also shown aggression toward all dogs he meets in public, though after his time in foster care, his reactions are less extreme and he has become easier to redirect. Because of this, a strong pack leader who provides consistent direction and without other dogs would be best. 

Manny graduated an obedience class while in foster care that taught him the basics. He proved to be very good at focusing, but did have to be separated from the other dogs. Because Manny is a smart and demanding boy, it would be a good idea for him to continue obedience classes and help his self-control. Manny should not be walked by anyone who cannot redirect his attention or manage his reactivity should there be an encounter with something unexpected, a loose dog, for example, so kids or teens should not be asked to walk Manny as part of their household responsibilities.

In spite of these issues, Manny is a very, very sweet boy who loves his humans! He does not need much exercise, just short walks. He is 100% housebroken and crate-trained too! Manny loves all toys, but will quickly demolish any soft toys, so he should be restricted to toys like Kongs, antlers, and Nylabones. Manny also loves to snuggle!

For his ideal home Manny is looking for a quiet, calm environment without any current or future small children, other dogs, or cats. Prior Frenchie experience is not required, but experience with dogs is. A home with other dogs could be considered, but only if the home has extensive experience working with reactive dogs and devotes the time and energy needed for slow introductions and Manny to transition successfully. Be sure to tell us about your experience managing reactive dogs in your application, if you already have a dog.

Manny would be happy in a house whether it’s in the country, suburbs, or city. Apartments and condos are a no due to the chances of sharing elevators, hallways, and entryways with other dogs. A fenced yard would be good for Manny to play in and eliminate the chance of an encounter with a strange dog. Manny would love someone who is home all day (did we mention he loves his people?), but he is also okay with a midday break. He could also go to the office with you as long as there are no other dogs.

His foster mom tells us: “Manny is a people magnet. I can’t believe how many times cars stop and people tell me how cute he is. He loves all adult humans that he meets. He is a very sweet guy. He just wants to be with you. He loves to be held, to snuggle, and sleep. He is who he is and we love him!”

Videos of Manny:

Feeding Manny in the Bailey chair