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Date posted: 3/1/20
Location: TX

Please give your warmest welcome to petite Perdita. Three-year-old Perdita comes to us with a sad history. She was used as a breeder along the Texas-Mexico border and suffered some kind of traumatizing event that caused hind end paralysis. When she lost her litter of puppies, her previous owners had no more use for her and took her to the local shelter. Ill-equipped to handle her paralysis, the shelter called us. Our volunteers moved into high gear to get her out of the shelter before she was put to sleep.

Perdita's first day with FBRN involved an ER visit and a pretty intense back surgery. It is still unknown if she will recover function of her rear legs or, if she does, how much. She is still making efforts to stand and there is definitely reason to be hopeful, but at this point it's far too early to know.

Gorgeous Perdita is a quiet and tiny little girl. She is a bit anxious about being in a new place, which is certainly understandable given all she's been through. She will have plenty of time to decompress and adjust to her foster home during her 6 weeks of post surgery crate rest. For now, Perdita seems to be very happy soaking up belly rubs, chin scratches and soft pats on the head...and she is stealing the hearts of everyone who meets her!

Cutie-pie Perdita will return to the vet in a couple of weeks to have her staples removed. She'll also go for a physical therapy consult at about the same time. Perdita's medical care will cost a pretty penny and she arrived in foster care with an empty piggy bank. If you would like to sponsor Perdita and help her on her way to the available page, please click on the link next to her adorable mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!


For Perdita. . . wishing you only love now. Teresa Southwick

For Sweet Perdita, wishing her a speedy recovery and only love in her future. RACHAEL ESPINOZA

For Perdita. Poor sweetheart. Julie Wilson

Sweet Perdita. You’re in a good place now. Annette Thornburgh

For Perdita—you can do it, pretty girl! Whopper (‘17) and I send pawsitive thoughts!! Brigitta Giulianelli

Erica Nolda

Praying you have the best life with so much love & happiness! I pray you fully recover sweet little Perdita! Sheree' Middleton

Gerald Boothe

Poor little Perdita, I know FBRN will take care of you and find you a home filled with love. maryellen de lalla

For Perdita! Time for love like you never have before! Caleb Farmer

Prayers for Perdita. Monique G Hawkins

sending love to Perdita. maureen riley

Perdita, you angel. Sending you all the love and healing. Kathleen Hightower


For Perdita. I hope you spend the rest of your life spoiled and loved beautiful girl. Troy Wong

For Perdita. . . hang in there. . . better days are ahead. Cheryll Latham

Sherri Froeber

Alice Northen

For Perdita, to help with rehab from your surgery. Stay strong little girl. Shannon Rhodes

Christopher Fehlinger

Pat Lawrence

Christine Karotseris

Perdita, you are an angel and I pray for you to have the life you deserve. Good luck sweet girl. Love, Lauren (human) and Dexter (Frenchie)

Leonard Shepperson

Mariah Beermann-Ahmed

Praying for a full recovery! Chrystal Crabtree

For little Perdita From little Ethel who once lived in a kennel too. You are safe now. margaret smith

Perdita's wheels.