Date posted: 1/13/18
Location: New York

Who is as intoxicating as her flower namesake? Poppy! And if you follow FBRN on Facebook, you may have already heard about this sweet pup. At 2 years old and 15 pounds, this teeny, tiny pup has stories to tell. After a flight from a "breeder" to NY, Poppy's mom was greeted by a barely breathing pup who was covered in feces and vomit. Poppy was immediately taken to an emergency vet with little chance of survival, but Poppy is obviously a fighter! 

Bred for her designer color instead of health, Poppy has urinary issues (possible incontinence), bowed legs, hemi-vertebrae (congenital deformity of the spine), and breathing problems. After two years of providing Poppy the best care she could, her heartbroken mom tearfully surrendered her to FBRN. 

Despite all of Poppy's issues, she is a very lively, happy little girl. And, because of all of Poppy's health issues, her care will come with some hefty vet bills. Please consider donating to Poppy's "I'd rather be healthy than a Blue Sable" medical fund so she can live out the best life with the genes she was given. Who wouldn't want to follow this darling pup on her journey? Click on her link so you don't miss anything! Thank you!


For sweet Poppy!! Brigitta Giulianelli

What a precious little Poppy! You have landed in the right place with your FBRN Foster Family! We know from our terrific experience! Ollie & Bessie!

Poppy, with love from Pork and Beans.

for lovely Poppy! Irina Weintraub

Hi Poppy, with love from Clover in Carolina

Molly Losey

Sara Speaker McBee

Poppy, what a fighter you are. You are a sweetie. Monica Tang

For precious Poppy from Rin & Crew

Nicole Simpson

For Poppy, may she get the best care, from CeeCee

We thought we would send a donation to Poppy since she was dealt some pretty bad cards in life! We wish Poppy, Charlize and all the little frenchie's good health, love and lots of kisses! Shelly & Patrick