Date posted: 3/3/19
Location: PA

A big welcome to cutie-pie Rex! Cute doesn’t even begin to describe the adorableness of this nine-year-old boy. His face will make you want to squish his little cheeks! Rex came to us when his family’s circumstances changed and they could no longer care for dogs in their home. We got you, Rex, let’s find your forever home!

Rex seems relatively healthy, other than some discharge in his left eye. He was reported to have had disc surgery about a year ago and recovered well. He's quite playful, especially for a nine-year-old. He seems to be a little on the nervous side, but that's to be expected given his recent change in living situation.

We’ll learn more about Rex as he settles in and lets his personality show. He’s sure to appreciate some snuggly blankets and fun toys to play with during foster care. Please click on the link to donate and send some encouragement Rex’s way. He’ll give a big, squishy smile to say thank you!


Get some toys and treats, Rex! From Meaghan, Ernie and Olive

Rex it is so cute! I know it is not too much but it is with all my heart!! I love frenchies!!! Yajaira Vargas