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In Memory of Adam

1996 - August 20, 2009

skeeterAdam was a special boy who brought much happiness to all he met. He was FBRN's first rescue in California. He was the most human of any dog I knew. Adam definitely had his own mind. He knew where he wanted to walk (he sometimes became "cement boy" if he did not want to go somewhere), where he wanted to sleep (on my bed with me), and was particular about which dogs and people he loved. If you had to leave him to do something like oh, say - go to work, he would give you the stink eye. However, he always was a good boy and would listen to his Mom. He was my shadow - he followed me everywhere. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Adam. People would stop their cars and come over to see him. On more than one occasion, he had lines of people waiting to pet him. He loved being petted (on the chest was best) but when it was resting time he wanted his end of the couch. Adam loved to go on his walks and he especially loved going into other people's houses. I called him my frustrated real estate agent. He loved sniffing every leaf or blade of grass. He definitely smelled the flowers. He loved sleeping on the couch, bed or his favorite red overstuffed chair, seeing his Dalmatian mix girlfriend during the day and most of all being with his Mom. He was also a great stuffed animal de-stuffer in his younger years. He was so special and much loved.

I miss you my precious boy. There will never be another like you. You brought great joy. I love you. Mama