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In Memory of Becky

fbrnFBRN got a call from the Bisbee, AZ Animal Shelter which is in a small mining town in Southern AZ. Becky had been dumped in a motel parking lot. The shelter in Bisbee was so tiny that it looked like an enlarged outhouse, and there was no heating/cooling! It was December, and it was cold - even for Arizona. I got the call that no one was available but myself, and made plans to drive to Bisbee the next day. I was amazed when I first saw this little girl - tiny head, tiny little legs, but a normal sized body. I was concerned because she had a large tumor in her rear. She was following the gal at the kennel, afraid to be without her. I picked her up, put her in a crate, and started the long trek home to Glendale AZ.

I was very fearful that Becky was pregnant since she had such an odd body style. She fit right in with my crew - even stood up for herself with my Ellie May. Becky was obviously a breeder girl, and had not had much attention. Her favorite thing to do was to go behind our breakfast nook and rest. We even shoved a doggy bed back there for her. My favorite thing to do with her was to grab her from behind the nook and sit on the couch with her, her back to my chest and rub her little belly and chest. She loved that. Wish I could have done it a thousand more times before we lost her.

We took her to the vet and had to wait several long months before removing the tumor, as the vet was fearful she might be pregnant, and then after we were sure that she was not, she tested positive for tick fever and had to go through antibiotics for that before surgery. We got that ugly tumor off but by that time it had spread inside and immediately produced outside small tumors. The tumor was already the size of a small child's fist when we got her so we didn't have much of a chance to stop it. My vet knew that she didn't have much time left. I, who I describe as stupidly optimistic, kept hoping for the best. I wanted to have her forever, to make up to her for her breeder life, her lack of attention and love, etc. FBRN was so good about letting me adopt her and I will forever appreciate that decision.

We got to have our Itty Bitty for just about six months. She suddenly got to where she could not breathe, as the cancer had spread, pressuring her lungs. We weren't going to let her suffocate, so we took her to our vet and had her put to sleep. My hubby had to do it - I could not. I adored this little odd Frenchie girl. I wanted to have her forever. You would have to have seen her and been around her to see how special she was, and how very unique my little baby was. It is mean to say, but I hate whoever owned her before - if they had taken her to a vet and had the mast cell tumor removed at a small size, she would be fine today.

I miss this little sweetheart. She will be forever remembered and forever my itty bitty little baby girl. She deserved so much better in her life. I know she was happy for her last six months, but I still can't bear that we lost her so soon.

Lynne, AZ volunteer